Posted by: Dahni | January 15, 2008

Logos, Mottoes & Slogans

Everywhere we go there is some logo, motto or a slogan. Most relevant today is an ‘I’ something. You know like I-pods, I-phones, and ‘I’ this and ‘I’ that. The appeal and marketing trend is to make some product or service seem more personal to you and I. Hence the root of all is ‘I’ or me or you. The trouble with this is that most of these personal (so-called), products and services are associated with someone else, their company, corporate trademark and logo. ‘I’ = me or you now really belongs to someone else even though we rent or buy it. When was the last time you either saw or drove a car that advertises Betty’s car or Bill’s Truck? Why not a Dahni-pod, Dahni-phone or whatever your name is?

Whereas a logo is a visual representation of a product, service, company etc., slogans and mottoes serve as their reason to be, their raison de’tre. [Fr. rɛzɔ̃ ˈdɛtrə -[rey-zohn de-truh; Fr. re-zawn de-truh]

Familiar slogans or mottoes to many are such as: “Where’s the Beef,” “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up,” and one more, “Just say NO.” Perhaps clever and memorable, but where is the something personal?
Many of these products, services, logos, mottoes and slogans are really ‘cool’ and they certainly are brilliant, but I did not make them and you probably didn’t either.
What is truly and really ours? What is truly and really personal?
I think and I believe that I have something for all of us!
What is truly and really ours and ours alone? What is truly unique and personal about each of us? Could it be our imagination? Everything that is made in this life that we see, hear, experience, enjoy and maybe even use on a daily basis all started with a single idea from someone’s imagination.
When we are children, we seem to be experts automatically, at playing and making stuff up. Then we grow up and often grow out of this practice, because we are ‘supposed’ to put away our toys and become adults. Life gets in the way or all those you can’t(s), you never have(s), you won’t(s) and the dreaded, you never will(s). All of those cut our souls in half and bind our spirits that are made to soar, with chains. There is some lightless cave of obscurity our would be light, flickers and dies.
Intellect experts have overwhelmingly all agreed that in composing a list of many categories, Leonardo da vinci was most likely, the most intelligent human being (of many categories), in documented history. He was just good at many things. One of his secrets was that he never stopped ‘playing.’ His journals were filled with doodles and little sketches and strange thoughts etc. These were the things he was interested in, that which amused him; what he was curios about.
Did not Jesus Christ mention something like this, that the Kingdom of God is for those like a little child?
Albert Einstein (another genius), is quoted saying,
“Imagination is greater than knowlege.”
Albert Einstein
I have personally worked with children on numerous ocassions and was blown away that several had no concept of play. Yes, kids that did not know how to play. Many of these kids at a very young age had already been exposed to drugs, child abuse, murder, death, violent crimes of nearly every nature, events that perhaps many adults have not been touched by or yet to be touched by. They are exposed to all this adult content and without the practice of play, the very thing we adults are supposed to grow up from and out of. Very sad to see this happening so early on in life, but what of the rest of us, we adults?
Home-to-work is the life and the only life we may know. Our dreams get forgotten, squashed or maybe we don’t even know HOW to dream. Maybe we are too busy and just have no time to dream. Maybe we think dreams are just for kids, our dreams are to big for us, too silly or they will never happen anyway, so why bother.
If everything made in this life began or begins with a single thought (or a dream), then when we stop dreaming, stop imagining, stop playing, we stop living!
What ever we focus upon has a way of coming out. Everyone from Tiger Woods, to actors, business people and an endless list of successful people PRACTICE PLAY!!
So put the kids to bed or just go get out their coloring books or yours and just color, doodle, dream, play, IMAGINE. What can you dream? How will your dreams change your life. How will they change my life and the rest of the world?
As this began, so it ends with logos, mottos and slogans. What is truly our own and personal is our individual and unique imagination. Who are you? What is your purpose? What is your logo, motto or slogan? How about this –
I Imagine
Just Imagine, – Something for Everyone – my arts n’ stuff

WHO? I (you)! I-MAGINE!

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