Posted by: Dahni | January 16, 2008

Am I a Giraffe?

Say what? Am I a what, a giraffe? What are you talking about?

If you live in Africa in an area where these magnificent creatures live, and if you leave your window open, it will only be a matter of time. Sooner or later, a giraffe is going to wander onto your property, bend down and poke it’s head through your window.

Now why would they do that?

Maybe they’re bored? Maybe they saw a little giraffe sculpture on your coffee table? Perhaps it was the smell of food cooking in your kitchen? Could it be that National Geographic or Wild Kingdom was running on your TV? I know, it was to drop off the mail? I dunno, maybe it was one, several or all of those things, but I mean, why really?


That’s it, curiosity, from the root word which is curious. It’s all a part of the imaginative, dream or creative processes of life. It is what allows life to change, to evolve etc. Every living thing needs food to survive, but that’s not a reason to live. Curiosity, now that’s a reason!

Stop what you are doing from time to time. Stop the madness of same-o and just breathe. Do not allow your curiosity to fail, FEED IT!

Am I a giraffe? Yep! Are you? Well then, go poke your head through the window of all that life has to offer and see what’s going on.

Just I-Magine,


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