Posted by: Dahni | January 17, 2008

Monkey On Our Back

Maybe we were just walking along, and it fell from a tree. Sure we felt it, but were too busy to do anything at the moment. It wiggles and tickles. Then it makes us hot. We get an itch and we scratch, but the itch will not go away. We feel it. We know something is there, but we cannot see it. It is small, but it sticks like glue. It begins as a warm fuzzy. The little thing starts off as kind of cute. After awhile, it’s even funny. Time passes and it grips tighter and tighter. It seems the harder we try to shake it, the more it holds fast. More time passes and it isn’t cute or funny anymore. More time passes and it has become an embarrassment. We try to hide it, decorate it and conceal it. Sometimes we even pretend it is not even there. It becomes an irritation that will not be comforted. Exhausted and frustrated, we finally just accept it. With acceptance, the seeds of friendship are sown. As our friend, we become its protector. Wherever we go, so it goes. Still unseen, it gets forgotten. Even though others can see it, (some even tell us), but we do not see and often deny that it is there. More time passes and somehow we begin to believe what we made up. We act as if never did exist. Meanwhile, it has begun to attemt, to permanently attach itself. So close now, it is hard to separate where we begin and the monkey ends. Fear is this monkey on the back. Once it is there, to get rid of it we must first realize it’s there. When we can honestly do that, the next step is easier, ask for help. Just make sure those you ask to help, can see the monkey on your back. I don’t know why that sometimes our friends can’t see the monkey and tell us we are OK, but they often do. We have too much to do, too many people to see and places to explore to be burdened with a monkey on our back. So the next time we’re out walking in life and we feel something on our back, it’s a monkey. FEED IT and get rid of it! Right, instead of us, let the monkey go nuts and bananas and go back up its tree.
Just Imagine,

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