Posted by: Dahni | January 20, 2008

Carpe Something

Carpe Diem
ˈkɑrpɛ ˈdiɛm; car+pay+dee+um Latin. “seize the day.”
When I was a child it always seemed like it was never the right time. I was not old enough or too old to do something. There was a lot of ‘waiting.’ Wait until your Dad comes home or your Mom, I heard. There was wait until Santa Claus comes or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy or next year or something like that. Mostly I had to wait until I grew up.
Kids are full of energy, excitement, dreams and hopes, but I think they have no concept of the words, ‘wait’ or ‘waiting.’ Still, somehow we wait and learn to wait and may still be waiting for something or someone.
The word carpe diem (seize the day), first came to my attention in one of my favorites movies. The movie starring Robin Williams is called, The Dead Poets Society. Despite the tragedy in this movie, I loved it and own a copy, having watched it numerous times. Perhaps my attraction to this work is that I consider myself to be a poet. Maybe I am an unofficial member of the Dead Poets Society, since most its members are dead and poetry for the most part is dead too. Poetry is at least, certainly not high on very many lists as an art form, as a profession or a priority. Unless you are wooing girls! 🙂
Anyway, back in childhood, most of us did not know Latin, had never heard of carpe diem or the concept, ‘seize the day.’ We did not need to, we already were. At least we tried or wanted to. But then came the waiting. We waited for this and that and maybe we grew up and are still waiting. Many are waiting at the car wash, the bus stop, on the telephone, in the car, in traffic and on and on. We wait so long and so often there are even specific and custom designed areas for us to wait in called, waiting rooms.
Many are waiting right now for spring, for their refund check, their ship to come in, for Monday, for summer, the government to change, for a round tuit’ or waiting on, or waiting for something.
A favorite musical artist of mine is John Mayer. I like his music, his skill as a musician, his voice and his lyrics. Often we really like only one or two songs on an album, but I like all of his stuff. Having all these elements in one artist is both a rarity and a treat for me. But on his third album, ‘Continuum,’ one of the song titles is also a familiar line of thought in the world today. The song title and the line is, ‘Waiting on the World to Change.’
How are we ever supposed to seize the day, if we are still waiting? Waiting? Waiting on what? And what day are we supposed to seize? There is only one we all have in common and that day is, this day, and that is to say, TO-DAY!
Instead of waiting which keeps us from seizing the day, we all need to first do something else. The ladies cannot possibly relate to the analogy to follow here, but all of us will get the point I’m sure. To seize the day we must stop waiting and decide; make a decision and just do. Do what?

stop waiting and…

carpe de Balls
and then,
we can seize the day
Just Imagine,

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