Posted by: Dahni | January 21, 2008

Elephants in the Shower

Top of the morning to you! Before I get started here, I wanted to
respond to some email questions about the images seen on this blog.Question: “Dahni, are the pictures on this blog, your work?”

Answer: Yes and No. Unless my signature appears with the image it is not a ‘made from scratch’ original. Most are pictures built from several other images, but I did the work. There is one exception, the giraffe picture is not mine. The signature seen on the blog entry here on 1/15/08 is my actual handwriting in digital form and the ‘I’ design image is part of a trademark (TM), for our website at

Anyway, have you ever had elephants in your shower? Well I have. As a matter of fact, I had one show up today. I have a witness! Actually now, a shower is a shower, water and soap. That’s pretty basic, pretty same-o and well, after the relaxing part from the hot water and the steam, it gets a little boring. This is a great time for an elephant to show up. Now the possibility and the anticipation of such an event has got to be exciting to you, when you think about it. “How could such a thing happen,” you wonder? “What could I do to have an elephant in my shower,” you ask?

What follows is both how it happened to me and how you too, can have an elephant in your shower. After standing in the hot water for a few minutes, steam rises and begins to fill the entire bathroom. Everything is moist obviously, including my lips. Some people sing in the shower and some people hum. Hmmm, see I told you showers can be boring that is, unless an elephant shows up. Well I usually neither sing nor hum. I just make strange, weird, and well, just goofy noises to amuse myself. So I’m standing there with these moist lips closed real tight and I start blowing air forcefully through the smallest opening I can make, at the corner of my closed mouth. Danged if at that very moment, an elephant showed up!

Come on people, lighten up! Life is short and we only go around once. Enjoy every moment of it! Have fun and laugh yourself silly. Become your own personal comic.

One last thing you may or may not want to do when it comes to elephants in the shower. Either keep a jar of peanuts in the bathroom or not. Hey, you never know.

Just Imagine,Dahni

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