Posted by: Dahni | January 22, 2008

What Would The Duke Do?

John Wayne for President! Yes, that is what you read and yes I know the man is dead, but think about it. We could draft him posthumously. The man had and still commands an almost unequaled and broad based popularity, here and abroad, even across the entire political spectrum. The emperor of Japan called him, ‘Mr. America.’

John Wayne epitomized ruggedly individualistic masculinity, and has become an enduring American icon. He became a natural resource and a symbolic male figure, a man of impregnable virility and the embodiment of simplistic, laconic virtues, packaged in a well-built 6-foot-4-inch, 225- pound frame.

Women loved him, children wanted to be like him and men respected him. Enemies feared him. Joseph Stalin wanted him assassinated. When Nikita Khrushchev took over, he personally told the Duke that he had rescinded that order. John Wayne is famous for his distinctive voice, walk and enormous physical presence. His demeanor and his roles as an actor were those of a man who did not look for trouble, but was relentless in tackling it when it affronted him.

He had a handsome and hearty face, with crinkles around eyes that gave the impression of a man of action, an outdoor man who chafed at a settled life. He was and is as a symbol of America, Mr. America. Offstage and out of the camera’s eye, he was nearly identical to the characters he portrayed, simple, fun-loving, and compassionate and a man’s man that cared about people and truly loved our country. He was also human. He made mistakes, but was unafraid to get involved and to do whatever needed to be done.

“Courage is being scared to death,
but saddling up anyway.”

– John Wayne

He once declined to run for political office, thinking no one would listen to an ‘actor.’ He was so wrong in that, but the Duke was never afraid to be honest and to admit that he was wrong. He also had an endearing sense of humor and fantastic comic timing. He could speak simply and eloquently.

He was comfortable in his shoes and in whatever situation he found himself in. Equally cool looking, gracious and commanding in western wear, a suit and tie, leisure wear or military fatigues. The United States Military had several things named after him including the ‘John Wayne Can opener,’ as, “It could do anything!”

I have this whole thing figured out. First, we draft him as a write-in candidate for say, the American Party. It would be a landslide victory. His presidency will immediately cut and slash the bureaucracy, as there will be no need for a cabinet, their staffs, offices and so much more needless waste and inefficiency. Only a handful of people would be needed to run the government. The Oval Office would continue to be used for meetings, but primarily, it will be the starting point of every day for anyone in the White House. As the door is opened, a large sign for all to see would read:

What Would The Duke Do?

The small White House staff would consist of:

1. Executive Director of ‘What Would the Duke Do’ Office – Overall Director and overseer of all departments. Also responsible for the Duke’s signature for official documents and schedules all agendas. (There is no room for any private interpretation or a personal agenda as EVERYTHING must be decided upon from all departments that can show in visual, written, and/or audible documentation, exactly, WHAT THE DUKE WOULD DO!) It would all be based on archives of his writings, script dialogues and audible recordings.
2. Director of the John Wayne Quotation Library – stores and catalogs every quotation and news article by or about John Wayne
3. Director of the Wayne Computer Services – creates, stores, manages and accesses the data base of all John Wayne materials based on an unlimited set of parameters (all based on the premise – “What would the Duke Do),  handles computer maintenance, backup, and all duplication needs
4. Director of the John Wayne Film Archive – stores and catalogs every film and still image from the Duke’s 100+ movies and from any other source
5. Director of Wayne Editing – responsible for editing film, quotations etc. for every situation
6. Director of Wayne Graphics Arts – handles all graphic arts
7. Director of The John Wayne Persona Department – Chooses the appropriate attire,
mannerisms etc. from John Wayne for any situation

That’s it! So anything that comes up, the Duke will respond. Dictators, terrorists and anyone inhumane, foreign or domestic would clearly know the policies of the United States. There will be no negotiation whatsoever! From the position of strength, John Wayne would represent America.

“If you’ve got them by the balls
their hearts and minds will follow.”
-John Wayne

We would be known as a peaceable and ever peace seeking nation. We would be compassionate and we would also, take care of our own. Everyone would be responsible for their own lives. The government would no longer interpret law, create opportunity or tax unfairly; it would protect the rights of its citizens. All will be well for us and no other nation need fear us, but don’t mess with the United States or…

“I haven’t lost my temper in 40 years; but, Pilgrim,
you caused a lot of trouble this morning;
might have got somebody killed; and somebody oughta
belt you in the mouth. But I won’t.
I won’t. The hell I won’t!”
[He belts him]
-John Wayne in McLintock

Oh, and for Vice President, to cast the deciding vote in the senate and to keep Congress honest, working and actually productive, we will draft Will Rogers. He will chide them into working together and getting things done. Otherwise Will would tell them…

“This country has come to feel the same when [your] in session as when the baby gets hold of a hammer. -Will Rogers

Just Imagine,


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