Posted by: Dahni | January 23, 2008

How To Change My LIfe!

From time to time, everyone needs to make some changes in their lives. I know that this is true for myself. Sometimes things are ‘just not working for me,’ and it becomes more than just a desire to change, it’s a necessity.

January 1st is famous for making New Year’s Resolutions and around January 2nd, that day is notorious for breaking them, or at least forgetting them. Still, there are times when I look at myself and think, I need to make some changes. It could be something simple or very important. If there are a number of things ‘not working for you,’ as it has with me, they can all become so overwhelming. So here I would like to share what I have discovered in how to change my life. Hopefully it will work equally as well and even better for you. First thing is first. The first thing to do is:

1. Do NOT make a list (mentally or otherwise)
2. Do NOT read the list
3. Do NOT ‘freak out’ after reading the list
4. Do NOT refer to the list
5. Do NOT defer to the list
6. Do NOT misplace the list
7. If the list is misplaced, Do NOT make another list
8. Do NOT have someone else read the list
9. Do NOT get depressed over the list
10. Do NOT get angry over the list
11. Do NOT try and sell the list
12. Do NOT try and give the list away
13. Do Not use a pen on the list
14. Have more paper available and a pencil with a good eraser if you used a pen in #13 above
15. Do NOT pray over the list
16. Do NOT get a paper cut from the list
17. Do NOT mention to anyone you made the list
18. Do NOT check off the list (uses up more time and promotes adding more to the list or making more lists
19. Do NOT eat the list
20. Do NOT give the list to your dog
21. Do NOT schedule time to make the list, read the list or change the list
and finally —
22. Do NOT make a list (see #1 above)

Just do something, no matter how small and seemly insignificant. Baby steps though small are still steps to getting something accomplished.

Just Imagine,


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