Posted by: Dahni | January 24, 2008

The Three Foot Rule & The Numbers Game

In life and in business, perhaps you have come across these two phrases. Simply put, you talk to everyone you come within three foot of and you just go through a lot of numbers.

Now I realize that people are not numbers even though there are numbers of people in a number of places, but you understand that each person is that, a person and not some faceless nameless number.
There is a lot of present day controversy over these two concepts especially in business and more specifically, network marketing. Most of these companies use these two theories especially for new ‘recruits.’ There are those that say this is a total waste of time and that they do not work. I suspect these same people are perhaps no longer involved (or never were), in network marketing. Perhaps they are now selling and promoting books, CD’s and seminars. Like the old adage, “If you aint for it, your agin’ it.” Well anyway, THEY say these tools don’t work. Surely they’re right as they must be experts. They will be in line with the rest of the critics to receive their statues erected in some park somewhere. Oh, that’s right, there never has been a stature erected to a critic.
Now I don’t know how to figure odds and math was never my strong suit, but I’m not as dumb as a fence post either. Let’s say I’m a young man again and like most young men, there is one thing on their minds, most of the time anyway – GIRLS! The prom is coming up and I don’t have a date. What to do? Well I can go through my telephone book of ‘numbers’ and start calling or go out and start asking every good looking girl I come within three foot of. What are my odds of getting a date to the prom using either of these strategies? I have no idea! The ‘THEY SAY’ people say neither will work. I don’t know. I just know this one thing. If I don’t call a girl or keep calling whatever number it takes or if I don’t go out and ask every girl within three feet of me until I get a date, I guarantee 100%, if I do go to the prom, it will be by myself!
And in the end if I’ve used a lot of yard sticks and failed, at least I can make some nice farm furniture and maybe hit the blackjack, going through the numbers.

Just Imagine,


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