Posted by: Dahni | January 28, 2008

Making a Memory

The memory of the mind is a powerful and peculiar thing. Some believe we never forget. It is a matter of what we recall or do not.

There are things in life we would desire to forget and there are others we would greatly desire to never forget. There are telephone numbers from over 30 or 40 years ago from my past which are long since no longer in use by those that held them. There seems no rhyme or reason to keep them or to recall them, but I remember them. And then, I cannot recall what I had for breakfast yesterday.

Music is a powerful tool in aiding the memory. I may not recall the artist or the lyrics, but if it had an affect on my life, I can most likely see in complete detail, where I was and whom I was with, the first time I heard it. The feelings of that moment return, every time I hear the song.

I cannot remember all the ‘Who’s Who’ of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even those as recent as 2007, but I will never forget my first grade teacher when I was in elementary school. I will never forget my first kiss, but I cannot say what the headlines were on the Sunday paper yesterday.

What is boring bores us and we cannot wait to forget. The aches and pains, physically, mentally and emotionally of our lives may be forgotten. They may have been traumatic and dramatic and yet they may one day pass out of the memory or our ability to recall them. But their scars often remain and remind us.

Our lives are a collection of memories and those which truly matter may be just brief moments. These are happy times, profound times and sometimes there is joy, unexplained; inexplicable. These we love and look to repeat if possible. We store them for easy recall should something similar arise in our present or the future. We want to recognise them and experience them over and over. We want them again and again. We focus upon what is important to us.

The every day and same-o stuff is just what we do, not what we are. What we are is, what we focus upon the most. The only way to increase the quantity and quality of our cherished moments is to have more of them. Many more of them! For myself, I must discover a way to bring them into my present, the every-day and the usual same-o stuff of my daily doings. I must learn to find joy and to enjoy every moment as if it were my first and potentially, my last! Instead of life happening to me, upon me, under me, over me or through me, I must make the moment and make a memory.

I have only a fixed number of hairs upon my head and days of my life.

Today I will not observe life, but I will participate in it. I will focus upon the moment and enjoy each one.

Then I will have made a memory and remember it to repeat it again.

Just Imagine,


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