Posted by: Dahni | January 29, 2008

Still Playing

Perhaps you have heard or read the following sometime ago?

“The difference between men and boys
is the price of their toys.”
Now I don’t know if this is true, but I am quite sure that you will be able to determine my age, at the end of this entry.
My most memorable toys of childhood were pretty much what I could make out of cardboard boxes, wooden blocks and sticks from our yard. I would make kingdoms and castles, forts and cities. I would build my own little miniature worlds.
Besides my imagination, the only others tools for construction were sneaked out of the house from our tableware drawer. Our Mom probably wondered why her spoons and butter knives were scratched, bent, worn down and dented. Then again, she probably figured it out. These tools and toys of my youth were fantastic and I could amuse myself with them for hours.
But then 50 years ago, a new toy was introduced. Happy BIrthday to Lego Building Blocks. I cannot recall ever asking for them, but perhaps our Mom wanted to save the rest of her tableware from further damage? I just remember that one day they were there for the three of us kids to play with. I loved this new toy. I loved these fabulous plastic, multi-colored and interlocking building blocks. You could build almost anything with them. Only tool needed was the imagination and no spoons or knives from the kitchen drawer. Yep, I loved Lego. I still do!
Just Imagine,

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