Posted by: Dahni | January 31, 2008

BANKING – Credit, Deposit, Withdraw

Whether it is for credit, to make a deposit or to withdraw, there is one thing all these transactions have in common. The bank always says the same thing when you approach their facility. And that is, “WELCOME!”Personally, I have been more heavily involved most recently, with credit and withdrawing from life. Rather than working and saving and making deposits for the future, I’ve spent much of my past and present. Perhaps it is an attitude like some gambler’s bet that tomorrow will be there with bright hope and promise. But hope and promise is based on deposits made in the present, not borrowed or withdrawn against the future. No matter what, whenever I enter, the bank is still going to say, “WELCOME.” Of this I have no doubt, but what is said after this is the question. What would I want to hear next? As life is full of its banks and temporal things which pass away and change like credit and the amounts I can withdraw, what about the future? What about eternity and the Bank of Heaven?

Now when I arrive at the teller’s window at the Bank of Heaven, I am absolutely confident of what I will first hear shall be, “WELCOME.” But what will be the next words heard? Did I make deposits sufficient in my present for the future? Or did I only borrow and spend? What will I hear of my life? Will it be? –

WELCOME thou, who barely made it by the blood of Jesus Christ.or
“WELCOME thou good and faithful servant.”
Just Imagine,

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