Posted by: Dahni | February 3, 2008

Why Do We…

Why do we vote for the people we do? I do not mean why we should, but why we do. This person looks presidential; she cried and shows her feminine soft or human side. He/She’s good looking, young, smart, ahead in the polls, rich, we never had a woman or a black president. The list could go on almost indefinitely, but I have not mentioned platforms or policies and if these are not the true reasons, why do we vote for the people we do?

There are many different parties, but there are two majority parties, Democrat or Republican. Within these there are what I like to call splinter groups like conservatives, moderates, far right, far left, independents, liberals, socialist an on and on. Basically I think they all come down to really just two ways that the party works. All of them depend on MONEY coming from the taxpayers from which they can run their office. One seeks to tax to get it and the other believes if you leave people alone to grow, the money will be there. So we have two different ideas, two major parties and a split country of people. Are we united in our division? I think so because; we have this one thing in common. We vote for people for many different reasons.

If it were a law, let’s call it the ‘Truth Law where everything said or done by anyone had to be documented, verified, and substantiated. If it cannot be said to be the truth, it cannot be said or done. Anyone found to be in violation of the ‘Truth Law’ would be guilty of a criminal act and must pay the consequences. Since this law does not exist, people are free to just make up stuff (good or bad); anything to get elected.

Oh we surely do want to have faith and to believe that our choices are right. For the most part I think at least in my heart of hearts, I really do not believe any of them. They will say one thing that may or may not be true and then they may do just opposite after we have elected them.

So maybe in the heart of the hearts of all of us, we know that the ‘Truth Law’ does not exist and there is no standard by which we may judge accurately, often until many years after they have left office or even died. So we vote for the people we do either hoping they won’t screw up too badly and we vote for lots of stuff other than for the reasons we should. And why, because they do not simply, say what they mean and mean what they say.

But if they did or didn’t, we should be able to hold them accountable for their words and for their deeds. Otherwise, they get arrested and removed from office.

Just Imagine,


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