Posted by: Dahni | February 4, 2008

Professional or Confessional

“To be or not to be…,” is not the question. The question is what to be? More specifically, what to be, a Professional or a Confessional?

I know, I know, a confessional is usually thought of as a place rather than a person, but what is a confessional for? It is a place where one goes to confess their concerns and troubles, their woes; their sins if you will. Sometimes we do the same things to people we know. Sometimes they do this to us. So in a sense, we could be thought of as a Confessional.

How often do people make New Year’s resolutions on the first and then turn them into New Year’s dissolutions on the second? We begin and are resolute only to later become disillusioned. The point is we get concerned, excited, and passionate about something only to forget about it in a very short time. We are then like a sounding board using the air or some other inanimate object or even another person as our sounding board. We’re jus’ talking or another way of putting it is, running off at the mouth. I’ve done this. I have done this more times than I would want to confess or can remember.

Now a Professional is more than one that makes money doing a certain thing. They might have started out as an amateur, but through specialized training, discipline and time, they became a Professional.

Sure, Professionals make sounds very similar to Confessionals, but instead of sounding off, they are sounding out.

I groan over being a Confessional. I am tired over being a forgetful hearer. I am weary of the energy expended just running off at the mouth and to not follow through.

A Confessional SAYS something. A Professional DOES something. A Professional does not just do something once, but over and over again.

Be a Professional

Just Imagine,


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