Posted by: Dahni | February 5, 2008

Follow Up – Part A

It is a picture perfect day. We’re all set. We have everything needed to find and catch fish. From a distance while still on shore, our eyes pan the entire lake. We decide on the best location and put in. In just a few minutes we arrive at the exact center of the lake and its anchor aweigh. Look out fish, here we come! Why not save yourselves the trouble and go ahead and just jump into my boat!

Soon the waves caused by our rowing subside and the surface of the lake is like glass. All is calm and serene. It is so quiet we can almost hear our own heartbeat and the thoughts we are thinking. Oars are stowed. The tackle box is opened and our best lure or bait is selected for the occasion. We pick up our champion rod, carefully and skillfully bait the hook or attach the lure. Yep, we’re all set. This is our day. This is our moment!

Slightly, we lean back and cast off like a pro. The otherwise completely still air is broken up the moment our lure pops, as it hits the water. With incredible anticipation, we wait a few moments. Nothing happens.

So we pack up, row back to shore and head for home.

We have now concluded most definitely and with conviction that there are without a doubt, no fish in this lake?

Just Imagine,


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