Posted by: Dahni | February 6, 2008

Follow Up – Part B

We have been here many times before. We have been here at early morning and late into the night. We have been here mid-morning, at lunch time and as the sun is setting. We have been here every day from Monday through Friday and weekends too. We’ve been here on our days off and even during vacation times. Winter, spring, summer and fall we’ve been here through them all.

What do we know?

We know absolutely that there are fish here, we’ve seen them. There are all kinds of fish, of every type, color and size imaginable. Yep, there’s a lot of fish out there. Probably more than enough for everyone with a gazillion left over.

WOW do we want to catch a bunch of fish or what! Why even just one would be way cool!

Check and recheck. Yep, we have all the right gear and bait. We are at the right place and this is the right time. Do we know what we’re doing? Certainly!

Are you ready? Yep.

OK, ready, set, go –

Just Imagine,

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