Posted by: Dahni | February 7, 2008

Follow Up – Part C

Ahhh fishing! The art of fishing, well that’s a subject for another time, but let’s say we have mastered this time honored art. We have moved the age old sharp-stick poking from antiquity and it has evolved into the 21st century. It is your century; your time and this is, your moment.
You’ve been consistent; You’ve we’ve been persistent. Well go ahead and pat yourself on the back because if truth-be-told, well shoot, you’re a pro. You’re a down to earth, for real, true blue, for goodness sakes –
Here is the scene:With all the modern day gizmos, fish finders, charts, weather reports, consultations with experts and personal experience, you arrive at the best place in the universe to catch fish. The time is right. You have the best equipment. You have the right bait. The weather is perfect. The water is the right temperature, nice, clear and calm. How’s the fish biting? Well whoa now, the fish, the fish, they are crazy mad hungry!
You cast off and no sooner than the lure hits the water, you have a hit. Now it’s not just a hit, but it is a monster hit! It is the fish that all other fish stories past, present or future all pale by comparison.With the hook snug in its mouth, the fish is frantic. It tries desperately to get away. The speed is so intense you might think it will run out your whole reel. The reel feels hot and you wonder if it will soon burst into flames and melt with fervent heat. The force and power is so strong, the thought crosses your mind that this freakish fish just might pull you across the lake or maybe even capsize your boat. Just hold on!!

Lookit’ You! WOW!!!!

Yep, you have just caught the one that everyone else has said, “it-got-away!” You have on the end of your line, ‘the fish that was this big,’ the grand daddy, the whopper, the mother of all fish.

Your adrenalin is racing and your heart is pounding. Perspiration beads up on your forehead. Your pulse quickens. Every sound is drowned out. Your eyes are focused. Your mind has, but a single thought; a single purpose. Time stands still.

So now what do you do?

Well that was all so exciting. It’s time to go home. So you row back to shore and call it a day?

What? Are you nuts? What are you talking about? Of course you don’t just leave this scene as is. There is only one goal. But let’s say if it were you or me, we did leave?

Now we all know and understand the importance of –

Follow Up!!!!!!
Just Imagine,Dahni

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