Posted by: Dahni | February 8, 2008

Bricks and Mortar

Bricks have built wonderful things. They have built incredible things throughout all of history. They have built horrible things as well.

The mortar holds everything together and what is built can then be called, a testament of time. If it is well built, it will stand. If not, it will surely fall.

Bricks are like words. Each one is just a little different than all the others. Each one is a different part of speech like: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, connectors and so on. Separately, they may neither show much nor convey much. But together, they form clauses and sentences and paragraphs and pages. Like bricks form buildings, all these words form books.

That which holds everything together is the mortar or the purpose. Without the brick to what purpose is the mortar? Without the mortar, to what purpose is the brick? Without each other, there would be no building or book of words.

Some buildings are massive and beautiful and a work of art, requiring great skill to construct. Some buildings are simple. In these common things erected, the bricks may not all match or they may be imperfect. The mortar may not be applied with the trowel of a master mason. But all of these buildings have their purpose. All of these are important.

We may live by our bricks and mortar, our words, and others may enjoy the work we have wrought. It is our hope.

We may die by our words in defense of something greater than our lives. It is our gift to others.

But there is another aspect of bricks and mortar and words. We may build as even a masterpiece in appearance. We may build carefully and with precision, brick by brick, and word by word. We may cement it all with the mortar of grand purpose. But if that purpose is merely unfounded, uncommitted and an unrealized wish, what is it? When we find ourselves at the end of the day, we will find that we only have a finite number of bricks and limited mortar with which to build. And we may find ourselves alone in the dark. For to live inside our words is to have built a wall and to have never lived at all. This would be my shame.

Just Imagine,

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