Posted by: Dahni | February 13, 2008

Traveling Through Space and Time

The concept of time travel may often only be only understood in the context of fiction as in books and movies and video games. But time travel is something we each do, every single day. Are you doubtful? Do you not believe me? Right now, I would like you to stand up, turn around and walk to the back of the room, turn around again and walk back to where you started from, sit down and continue to read below. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 🙂

Doo, doop, doo dah deepah ditty doo whap, dingy dadah dippy-do-wah ding. [This is me humming while you do your ‘walkabout’ as they say in Australia]

OK, if you really did as I asked, guess what? Yeppers, yah jus’ did walk through space and time!!!

Space and time are relative to us in terms of a fixed set of parameters. We know of time because the sun comes up in the morning and set in the evening. The entire process repeats itself in about 24 hrs.

We know of space because of the finite nature of things as they appear to our eye. Hundred of years ago space for many was nothing more than what could be seen. It was thought that on the other side of as far as could be seen was nothing. Some even thought one would fall of the edge of the earth.

Life is moving and it is meant to be mobile. As we move to the point where our eyes thought the railroad tracks converged, we see this convergence appears as if it has moved farther down. The point is, as we move, we experience more space and to do so, we have in essence, also moved through time.

What about the future? Can we not move into the future now? Yes can can. We are in a sense exactly at the place in time at this very moment, where we saw ourselves in the past. If we do not like where we are, we can move.

Each and every one of us are, time travelers, traveling through space and time.

Just Imagine,


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