Posted by: Dahni | February 15, 2008


March of the Sand EntsThe lessons we learn in life sometimes can be found in nature.

I was in the southwest part of the country in the United States a few years ago. If you have never been, you should make it point to go there and make it in the spring if possible. When you look at pictures of the southwest it may seem like nothing more than a barren wasteland, but there is so much life there it is incredible. Spring in the desert unfolds a plethora of colors and shapes and ohhh, the fragrances are unimaginable!

Yes it gets hot in the desert and it does so quickly. Humidity is very low as it does not often rain here which makes one wonder how what I wrote above about all the life here, could possibly be true. Well, I was sleeping in a tent when early in the morning before the sun came up, it started to rain. It rained hard for hours. Rain is comforting to me and is nice to sleep by. I rolled over and went back to sleep, snug in my sleeping bag because, the desert also gets really cold at night.

Morning sun finally woke me up as it was getting hot inside the tent. When I unzipped the the front opening and walked outside, there was no evidence of rain to be found anywhere. The sun had already heated the moisture and it evaporated. Thirsty sand and the dry air had absorbed all the rest of the rain like a sponge. As I looked around, I noticed a small rock which still had some rain water. Now I assume the little indentation on the rock was formed by maybe years and years of rain drops beating upon the surface. I placed my fingers into the water and it was very warm. I sat and just stared at it for maybe hours. During this time, clouds would hide the sun regularly. Between the sun and the rock now heated, in a short time the water was totally gone. It takes a lot of energy to heat up the rock in a desert, but once it is, it holds the temperature, even if the sun disappears behind the clouds.

Now I may be slow to change (being cold will do that), or slow to get going, but once my rock gets hot, it takes less energy to maintain temperature. If I just stay hot, I’m going to make some steam. This is momentum. This is what it takes to become successful.

Just Imagine,


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