Posted by: Dahni | February 17, 2008

Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4

Principles of Success of The Fantastic 4 
1.      Always be ready to flame on
2.  When you’re hot you’re hot
3.  Conserve your energy, don’t get burnt out
4.  Don’t be a hothead
5.  To fear, failure and problems, it’s always clobberin’ time 
6.  Be a force to reckon with
7.  Be unmoveable not just stubborn
8.  Don’t be a blockhead
9.  Show your best and conceal the rest
10.  Always allow your true self to come through
11.  Know when to be out front and when to be behind the scenes
12.  Make sure you are wearing clothes when appearing in public
13.  Be flexible
14.  Wrap yourself around every situation
15.  If you fall, bounce back
16.  Never get too wrapped up in yourself
Just Imagine,

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