Posted by: Dahni | February 28, 2008

Strange Word

I find a word with the exact same pronunciation, but with multiple meanings to be very strange. What many refer to as the King of beasts, could also be associated with the same sounding word with different meanings. A lion could be lying in wait under cover of shade or darkness, just lying around and waiting to roar and pounce on its prey. Now this lion that is lying in wait and lying under this cover of deceit could be in essence, lying. What the prey may think is a safe place to wander by is actually a deceitful trap, by a liar not a lyre (ancient stringed musical instrument like a harp).

As a side note, what actually is kingly about the so called King of beasts, when in fact it is the Queen of beasts or the female lions that do most of the hunting?

Now this lion may be lying because it is at rest to regain or conserve energy or perhaps it is merely lazy? It could be lying as it never learned the importance of telling the truth.

In conversation, what are we to think if we hear, “He or she is a lion.” I could mean that due to some genetic experiment, this person was somehow transformed into an animal. In the movies (Sci-Fi movies), it could mean this person is a ‘shape shifter’ and able to transform themselves into a lion. In language could a shape shifter also be a person that shifts the shapes of words to their advantage at the expense of others? They shift the shape of words to appear as if they are telling the truth.

In language also, it could be used as a metaphor, associating the characteristics of a lion with this person. Just by adding the word ‘like‘ we could have another figure of speech called a simile or, “He or She is like a lion.” This of course would mean that this person has characteristics similar to a lion. Now what if you heard the following from a southerner or one unskilled in the use of proper language? “He or She is a lion, (a lying or a-lyin‘). This would appear to mean that this person is not telling the truth.

Now if you think a lying should be associated with being lazy that would be lying and not a lion. If you have ever told a lie you would be lying, but not a lion, a lying yes, but not a lion. Liars lie and they could be lying when they lie. If caught, many that are lying while they are lying often lie about their lying to cover-up their lion (if they had a lion they were lying about) or their lying. The extra expenditure of effort to cover-up your lion or your lying has got to be exhausting. So maybe a lion that is lying is lying? Maybe a lion is only lying, but not lying or a lion is just a lion? On a occasion, I’m sure every lion will be found to be lying, but does this mean that every lying lion is lying?

Lion 1Lion 1Lion 1

Just Imagine,


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