Posted by: Dahni | February 29, 2008

A Major Leap


   Leapfrog © 2008 by Dahni

What a strange and wonderful thing, Leap Year. I was not born on this date, but WOW if I was!

Having a birthday only every four years could be not so good and it could be fantastic!

Would this have been the fountain of youth that Ponce de Leon was looking for?

Only celebrating your birthday every four years could suck big time especially, if people have difficulty in remembering it once a year. It would also be especially bad if you were married on February 29th, because many men have problems remembering their anniversary once a year.

Another great thing and a bad thing is how long you could live. You could still be alive long after your friends and family have checked out of life. It would be good to still be kicking, but I’m sure we would miss our family and friends. I guess we would have to acquire additional family and friends.

If would be a real drag to have to stay in the same grade in school for four years. Would it really be such a bad thing to repeat your 5th Christmas for four years in row? I think not. One could also enjoy the same events for four years that everyone else only gets to experience for a mere single year. Let’s just say we could X 4 everything. WOW, that first kiss four times as long? Oh, yay!

Tax time could be horrible, especially if you owed money. Paying the same amount for four years in a row would not be fun, but if you were owed a refund, that would be an entirely different matter.

Under present law, the president of the United States can only serve (2) four year terms. Under leap year law, (2) four year terms would mean they could serve or screw the country for 32 years.

What would “I’ll see you tomorrow,” or “I’ll call you tomorrow,” really mean, in four days? How about, “I’ll be right back,” or “I’ll call you right back,” what does that mean? Waiting an hour to see the doctor? Bring a thick book or a couple of movies to watch.

Guys and Gals may really like their wedding night or honeymoons to last four times as long, but I doubt any woman would appreciate the birth of their children lasting four times longer than they already do.

An average work day would last 32 hours. By law, most places of work have to give around a 1/2 hour meal break after 4 hours and a 15 minute break after 2 hours. Meal time and break-time could really add up. But our average work week would take 160 hours to complete, but the WEEKEND? WOW, eight days off in a row! Paid holidays X 4 would be awesome too! How about vacations? Do you only get a week off every year? Multiply that times 4.

If you were still a kid, “Hey Mom and Dad, can I spend the night at my friend’s house?” You would see your parents four days later, if they said it was OK.

Being a teenager could be cool four times as long, but not if you had pimples (acne). Your parents might not like you living with them four times as long though.

Youthful appearance and vigor? When everyone else is 80, you wouldn’t look a day over 20! But being 20, you would have to wait four more years until your 21st birthday, to legally purchase an alcoholic beverage, if you were so inclined.

Suppose you lived where they have 6 months of daylight each year? This would mean two full years where the sun never sets. The other side of this would be awful though, everyone would need some kind of light therapy, living through 2 years of darkness.

Going to college to get a four year degree? Signing up for military service for 2 or four years? Perhaps the worse is becoming a doctor? Four years regular college + 4 years of med school + 2 to 4 years residency = 36 years. If you graduated in 12 and owed $200,000.00 for your education that means under the Leap Year plan you might as well call it a million $ + with the added interest you’ll owe.

Let’s say you were able to retire at age 65. If everyone else was really 65, you would be 260 when you retire. If life expectancy was 100 years, you would still be around until you were 400. To be consistent, if you retire with a 60% pension that needs to be multiplied times four too.

Yes, being born on February 29th overall, would really be pretty nice if with it comes with longer life and the enjoyment of the greatest events of your life, lasting four times as long!

But alas, if it were all true, I would only be around 14 years old right now and I still have to wait another 8 years before I can get my driver’s license.

Just Imagine,


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