Posted by: Dahni | March 5, 2008

Re-invent 5

I am now on Day 5, of the new month, the New Year (a Leap Year), a new beginning and of, the reinvention of me.

So how’s it going? Thank you for asking. Here’s the real deal.

Help I’ve fallen, but I can and will, get back up. It is hard to succomb to a weakness when from it you would be rid of it, and want to replace it with strength. It’s harder still to deal with the guilt. It is harder still to deal with the disappointment and the feelings of having disappointed Susan if she knew. This sets up the thoughts to try and hide it, not just from others, but especially from yourself. The air clears when you encourage yourself to admit and to not hide. That act is not of weakness, but it is itself strength.

I do not know what my expectations were other than the desired conclusion. Sine I did not have preconceived ideas, there is no way I thought that quitting would either be hard or easy. It is what it is. What it is, is a process. Quiting is not a single act, but a determined direction, sometimes inch by inch to then fall back three, but then to begin again and again, again.

I’m in repair. I am reinventing me!

Just Imagine,


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