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EXPELLED – No Intelligence Allowed

© 2008 03/12/08
By Dahni

Imagine being expelled from school because you dared to ask questions or because you had the audacity of challenging your teacher. Is this not the nature of all people to ask questions? Is this not the bedrock of the American experiment, the freedom to speak and to think? If these principles of freedom are not enforced, then freedom itself is expelled. Whenever and wherever we are prohibited from questioning, then no intelligence is allowed.

Within the United States and within the collective consciousness of nearly every individual, some debate is ongoing, whether it remains private or through the engagement of public discourse. If there comes a time when the debate of the war in Iraq and global warming are settled, two other debates more powerful will undoubtedly continue. Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice and Intelligent Design vs. Evolution will continue. It is the latter upon which this blog begins, but it is not the true content. With the exception of Creationists and the Evolutionists, all other debates aforementioned are much more public, allowed, accepted and each proceed from basic principles of the Constitution of the United States, specifically, the freedom of speech. Although never mentioned in the document, along with the freedom of speech, the freedom to think is implied.

Within the framework of what is referred to as the Law of the Land, the US Constitution was never conceived, written, drafted, ratified and amended to exclude in favor of something or someone else at the expense of another, but to protect the rights of its citizens to choose and to freely choose.

The Supreme Court was never imagined to become the sole interpreters of ‘the Law(s) of the Land,’ but its supreme enforcer. If the founding fathers and authors of our country had intended to exclude God or religion, there never would have been the issue of ‘separation of church and state.’ The intention was to prevent any belief or religion from having dominance in the affairs of our country. The intention was to allow the ‘freedom of religion’ along with the freedoms of ‘speech,’ of the ‘press,’ etc. with the dual implication of there being, the freedom to choose and to think.

Anywhere and at anytime that anyone is persecuted, discredited and excluded, their rights are being unlawfully seized upon by others. Whether it is a mild or a vicious attack by a majority or a minority makes no difference, it remains unlawful. We should vehemently protest and protect anyone under attack, even if we do not personally agree with their positions and beliefs. The matter is and remains the freedom to choose and to think.

Perhaps outside of the issue of abortion, there is no greater point of division among people than our origin as a species. To be clear, personally, I do believe in God and in Intelligent Design, but this does not matter; it is not the issue here as the freedom to choose and to think is. Another person may not believe in God and believes instead, in Darwin’s ‘Origins of Species,’ or the theory of evolution, but this does not matter; it is not the issue here as the freedom to choose and to think is.

To one degree or another, everyone in this country understands that creationism or intelligent design is at least, not afforded the same opportunities to discuss, publish or teach publicly as are the evolutionists. Is this not to one degree or another some form of persecution and as such, not to be allowed in a nation that has no place for religious intolerance?

I am both excited about and hopeful that the issue of freedom of speech may have finally found its voice and champion in the form of a soon to be released movie, starring Ben Stein. The movie is, ‘Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed.’

Whether or not it is as it is being billed, a documentary or merely entertainment with bias is again, not the issue as freedom of speech is. Even before its scheduled release nationwide, it is already being criticized by many with an alternative view that have not even seen the movie.

In my opinion having seeing many of the trailers to this movie, this movie and Ben Stein quite possibly will bring the issues of separation of church and state, religious intolerance, intelligent design, the theory of evolution and most particularly, the freedoms of speech and thought to the forefront of the public consciousness. This is exactly where it needs to be, not in private, but in public. Neither position should be persecuted or excluded by the other, but each afforded equal rights to the freedom to speak and to think! Creation and Evolution should be debated publicly and each belief and each theory should be allowed equal rights in the court of public opinion. Each has gaps and if allowed to openly discuss and debate the issue together, may result in a greater understanding in the scientific, religious and ultimately the social frameworks in our individual and collective right, to speak and to think. I wholly believe that there is a place for both!

“A little science estranges a man from God; a little more brings him back.”
Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

The premise of the movie ‘Expelled’ according to its own blog is:

“In a scientific world gone mad, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is the controversial documentary that will chronicle Ben Stein’s confrontation with the Neo-Darwinian machine, exposing widespread suppression and entrenched discrimination in his heroic quest to bring back freedom in our institutions, laboratories and most importantly, in our classrooms, with the help of the world’s top scientists, educators and thinkers.”

As taken from

If this movie is true to its premise or even if it is not, and it is not a true documentary, and it is only entertainment, and is full of bias, it does put our freedom to speak and to think upon, the front burner of our consciousness. Perhaps at last, this movie will produce change!

If the producers and Ben Stein in his humorous, benign an unthreatening manner by intent is to goad, to scare, to guilt or to anger people into watching this movie,  so what? If the movie is just a cobbled together; out-of-context and undocumented pile of crap, so what? It doesn’t even matter if this movie’s only purpose is to entertain and make a profit, does it? I don’t even care if it is wholly and totally bias towards creationism. The point is, there is attention being drawn towards the true issue which is, the freedom to speak and the freedom to think.

“It’s (EXPELLED) going to appeal strongly to the religious, the paranoid, the conspiracy theorists, and the ignorant — which means they’re going to draw in about 90% of the American market.”
-Atheist blogger and fabulist PZ Myers, on a film he has not yet seen.

Thank you Mr. Myers for making my point about the freedom to think. Thank God or thank random chance that intelligent people like PZ Myers are around to tell us what to think, because let’s face it, 90% of us in America are jus’ plain stew-pid.’ (sarcasm and misspelled words are intentional)

Myers fellow-traveler, professor Richard Dawkins even said that religion is nothing but “fantasy,’ and he should know. Dawkins has been compared to being both the rottweiler and the Poster boy of Neo-Darwinism. This British scientist is perhaps the most articulate and vocal mouthpiece of the theory of evolution in our day and time.

Richard Dawkins understandably also an atheist, is the author of ‘The God Delusion.’ Will there be scientific fallout and damage to his credibility when this movie is seen? Dawkins is seen being interviewed by Stein in the movie. From his own site, Richard Dawkins, has been busy defending that he was duped into being interviewed by Stein and appearing in this movie. Like Meyers above, Dawkins has not seen the movie either, but his words are his own as they appear in the movie from whatever context it was in.

[To his credit, and to the utter discomfort of the public education establishment, Dawkins does not shy from discussing the atheistic implications of Darwinism.
Indeed, Dawkin’s anti-deity call to arms, ‘The God Delusion,’ has sold more than a million copies worldwide. Where Dawkins wanders into a black hole of his own making is in his discussion of the origins of life on earth.

To Stein’s astonishment, Dawkins concedes that life might indeed have a designer but that designer almost assuredly was a more highly evolved being from another planet, not “God.”

Stein does not respond. He does not need to. For the past hour of the film, the audience has met one scientist after another whose academic careers have been derailed for daring to suggest the possibility of intelligent design.

If only they had thought to put the designer on another planet.]

excerp from

If Dawkin’s statement is not hypocrisy, please someone, anyone, explain the definition of the word to me. And changing God into a highly evolved being from not heaven, but some other planet, what is that?

Whereas there is great validity to the science involved in the theory of evolution, it does nothing to show the origins of the species short of some chance accident of primordial ooze that was somehow activated by some accidental and random strike of lightening. Where did the lightening come from or the ooze? To be fair, gaps also exist on the side of the creationists as well.

Gregor Johann Mendel (July 20, 1822- January 6, 1884) was an Augustinian priest born into a German speaking family in Austria. If not a true scientist, he was interested in and did teach natural science. He is often referred to as the father of genetics for his study of the inheritance of traits that follow particular laws, which were later named after him, ergo Mendel’s Law. The significance of Mendel’s work was not recognized until 1903, some 20 years after his death. Its rediscovery prompted the foundation of the discipline of genetics. Basically in statement, Mendel’s law shows evolution of the species, but not of genus of which the theory of evolution is based on.

Questions and theories all have at least one thing in common. There are no final conclusions or complete and total answers with which everyone can agree on. Just imagine what could occur if alternative thoughts were not only equally free, but encouraged to be at the same open and public debate. What if each had together, the single purpose of finding the answers?

I encourage anyone and everyone to see the movie ‘Expelled.’ It matters not what you believe, only that you believe in freedom of speech, freedom to think and the freedom to have equal access to all available resources to test, prove or disprove, whatever you believe.

I further encourage anyone and everyone to read and submit the following petition. (link provided)

We, the undersigned American citizens, urge the adoption of policies by our nation’s academic institutions to ensure teacher and student academic freedom to discuss the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution. Teachers should be protected from being fired, harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against for objectively presenting the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory. Students should be protected from being harassed, intimidated, or discriminated against for expressing their views about the scientific strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory in an appropriate manner.”

ExpelledStein.png – Also find additional information  here and other links to opposing views here.

Search the keyword ‘Expelled’ at and

Put the trailers on your own website. Invite your friends, family and foes to see this movie!

If there is no expulsion and questions are permitted, then intelligence is allowed.

Just Imagine,


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