Posted by: Dahni | March 13, 2008


© 2008 03/13/08
By Dahni

By now, nearly everyone in America has heard about the governor of my state, the state of New York. Governor Spitzer is still the governor by the way, until his resignation becomes effective Monday March 17th, 2008.

I am embarrassed by his actions, not that I in any way were involved, not that what he is accused of persoanlly effects me or that I voted for him, but because I am a citizen of New York.

I feel sympathetic towards his wife, his children, his family and for his personal friends. For the man personally, my sympathy is non-existent, but there is forgiveness and restoration if he will act in the manner of one forgiven and one actively seeking to be restored.

I am however, more moved presently, towards what others found to be so important in the matter. Many wanted an apology (which he gave though for what he never specified). Others wanted to know why he did what he did. Then others focused on why his wife stood by him and even supposedly did not want him to resign. Why do these things really matter to anyone and whose business is it anyway?

Why is important to understand why anyone does anything stupid or wrong? One could say that the reason is to prevent something similar from happening to someone else in the future, but I do not see this being the motivation. I see nosy; busy-body people that have no other reason to ask these questions than to just know why. Personally I think these questions asked and the commentaries made, are nearly as sordid and perhaps more so, than what he is being accused of!

If he did the crime, he should do the time and pay whatever fines and penalties are appropriate. No deal to avoid prosecution has been made nor should there be.

The man did not have an affair with my wife or myself, so no apology is necessary to her or to me in this regard.

If any monies or resources belonging to the state of NY, were used for his personal purposes, then for those reasons alone would an apology be appropriate.

 If he is guilty of all that he is accused of he should resign and apparently he has admitted some responsibility in that he has resigned. There is no need for him to explain his actions nor to apologise in detail.

To his credit I will say this, he came before the public. He stood in front of the world and said what he said. I do not believe he said anything more or less than what he needed to say.

I wonder if I were in his shoes what I would have done. I wonder if I would have had the courage to go public as he did or just hid away somewhere and sent my resignation by email. I admire governor Spitzer for this, and he is still my governor.

As to his wife, I admire her for bravely standing with him. Why she did this is none of my business or anyone else.

May he, his wife, his family, his friends and the state of NY all be restored, as quickly as possible.

To fall is human. To forgive, but to be held accountable for our actions is appropriate. To rise again from the ruin of our own making maybe painful and take time, but it also takes courage. No one is ever alone. Everything we do affects others and it takes others to make us strong. Some of us catch ourselves and sometimes others catch us before we fall. The point is that we all fall. We should always be ready to extend a hand and accept a hand when there is a fall.

Just Imagine,


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