Posted by: Dahni | March 15, 2008

Religion & Politics


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It is ludicrous to think or to believe that religion has no place in politics despite the catch-all phrase of ‘separation of church and state.’ The government itself is the state religion. Even if your belief is centered in that there is no god, this too is a religion. It is impossible for a candidate or elected official to not be defined and influenced by what they believe and by what they are associated with.

Recent attacks on candidates for president of the United States, bring to light two principal issues, associations and media bias.

To the candidate, you are nuts if you think that the public will swallow that you have been involved or associated with some less than favorable person or group for years and did not know something was amiss!

Should associations be called into question and should the media report it accurately and timely? Absolutely! Failing to report such associations timely and accurately clearly shows the bias of the media. We all know the media is bias even though the media will never admits this. I am very excited about the recent turn of events as the bias is so clear now, they cannot get out of it.

There is also a great deal of misinformation purposely put out by most likely the candidates or their organizations and the media. If the public can be swayed one way or the other, then the outcome can be favorable to the best at the practice.
Can a candidate receiving an endorsement be held responsible for the beliefs of the endorser? Absolutely not! Getting elected is about getting sufficient votes to be elected which implies the attempt to appeal to as many voters as possible. There is nothing wrong in this unless one actively seeks the support of less than favorable associations. Just because a potential killer may endorse a candidate does not mean the candidate is in favor of killing. If the candidate is in someway associated with the endorser then that is another matter.

I wonder why anyone would want to be president and endure the public scrutiny and potential character assassination. Is it the perks baby, and the power and the influence? Or perhaps the service to ones religion and their god, by what ever name it is?

No matter what the answer, it is impossible to run, become elected and serve without the influence of their beliefs and those with whom they are associated. Belief, believe and believing all have one thing in common. They are not merely a noun – a person, place or thing, but that which implies some sort of action that proceeds out of the belief, the doctrine or the intents of the system of belief.

Whatever one truly believes, they will act on it. What do you believe?

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