Posted by: Dahni | March 16, 2008


Clearly the most intelligent and most descriptive words ever uttered in the last century were spoken by children in the 1930’s! These words transcend race which so often in our day, remain an issue of division among people.

Hal Roach assembled a group of children from various backgrounds, race and cultures. Children do not seem to understand these issues until adults get involved. But these kids just all played together which was a bold stroke in the 30’s and may well be today. Critics have analyzed the characters and often found that race was an issue by depicting one being more educated over another, but isn’t this just the way it it is in life? It is not a matter of intelligence, but the way in which the child was raised and their opportunities or lack thereof. The point missed and so obvious is that these children were all seen as equals and all playing together.

Years ago while traveling in the state of Arkansas, I happened upon a road and took pictures of the road sign. I wish I could find them and share them with you. Nevertheless, the road exists. It is representative of one of my two most favorite words or phrases. The words transcend all race and time. The Little Rascals , Our Gang, Spanky & Buckwheat clearly uttered the most intelligent and descriptive words ever spoken in the last century and are wholly appropriate for the 21st century. And they are…


Oh, and by the way, the road I saw in Arkansas was called, ‘Okey Dokey Road,’ Otay? 

Just Imagine,


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