Posted by: Dahni | March 20, 2008

Winds of Change


From the north the cold winds blow,

And in the south warm trade-winds flow.

Sometimes from the west, the weather covers,

Sometimes from the east, the weather hovers.

Clouds, they move, to and fro,

Wherever the winds, would have them go.

Some invisible circuit in constant change,

Some unseen pattern will rearrange.

We are like trees against the wind,

Our leaves moved of its will to send.

Theses winds of change –

 we may not know their beginning or their end,

But rooted we shall not break, but surely bend.

And when they pass on, to where else they will to blow,

We choose the direction, where we will to go.

‘Winds of Change’ by Dahni (C) 2008 all rights resered

Just Imagine,



  1. Ever think how our lives are so much like the wind? One day it blows from one direction the next a different one. Our emotions are very much like that, one day we are going along then Wham! A change comes. Days will go on with a certain feeling, then it changes, we are so much like the wind, we never remain in one area.
    We hear this fearful tempest sing, Yet seek no shelter to avoid the storm. –Shak

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