Posted by: Dahni | March 26, 2008


Apparently my previous post, ‘PRESIDENTIAL INTELLIGENCE’ has been determined to be a hoax. A comment from ‘LARRY’ let me know about this and I wanted to thank him for letting me know and to let you know. Always check out sources of articles at (I usually do but I missed this one). Thanks Larry!

Larry’s comment as follows:


Lovenstein is a hoax:

No, this isn’t a real news report, nor does it describe a real study. There isn’t a “Lovenstein Institute” in Scranton, Pennsylvania (or anywhere else in the USA), nor do any of the people quoted in the story exist, because this is just another spoof that was taken too seriously.

The article quoted above began circulating on the Internet during the summer of 2001. In furtherance of the hoax, later that year pranksters thought to register and erecting a web site around it in an attempt to fool people into thinking there really was such an institute.



Just Imagine,


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