Posted by: Dahni | April 1, 2008

Perspired, Retired, Expired or Inspired?

2008 04/1/08

By Dahni


Are You, am I, perspired, retired, expired or inspired? The first three words might seem like the natural order of our lives. We work and perspire to hopefully one day retire and finally, we expire.

What happened to inspire, inspiration, and being inspired?

Note: To view this 4 part series in its entirety (including the introduction), look at the tabs above. One is ‘About Me’ and the tab to the right is, ‘Inspired’ click on that or here- ‘Inspired’ Eiether way, it will open in a new window.

Just Imagine,



  1. I wake up inspired, and throughout the day get or stay inspired because I give gratitude for all the good there is around me.

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