Posted by: Dahni | April 6, 2008

The Secret Revealed

© 04/06/08

By Dahni

Texting 1

   Have you ever wondered how people can instant message or text each other so quickly? Well I have and maybe that makes me an old fart or something like that, that is until I discovered their secret.

   For one thing, the little characters especially on a cell phone are really small. My fingers are bigger than those. Then you have to hit certain keys if you want to use numbers or special symbols. But if you have ever watched people do this, they fly or their fingers are moving like lightening. How do they do it? I have discovered their secret and I’ll share it here with you.

    The following image is pretty close to the actual size of one of these modern text friendly phones, with a coded message on the blue screen.

Texting 2

   Are these just a bunch of meaningless characters, or is it some type of code? I used to think so, but not anymore! What is the meaning of this super secret coded message? Here are the characters again.



Total =  1 word or 57 characters


    Hi, (icon/symbol of smiley face) , How are you, Oh my God, Instant Message, Hold on, Be right back, Hi, I’m back, Laughing out loud, Laughing my ass off (icon/symbol of laughing face), Too much information, Got to go, Call me. Always a pleasure, Talk to you later, Hugs, Bye    Total = 41 words


    Hello, how are you. Oh my God, I just received an instant message. Please hold on, I’ll be right back. Hello, I’m back. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I am laughing out loud and figuratively laughing my ass off as it was way too much information. I need to go. Please call me later. It is always a pleasure to talk to you. I will talk to you later. Hugs. Goodbye.    Total = 71 words

    So what we have here is a language. It could be understood in light of dictation as a comparison. Shortcuts make these messages very efficient and fast. I also understand that a simple text message like this would cost in the neighborhood of about five cents to send from your cell phone, instead of what a normal call charge is per minute. So texting is cheaper than talking on the cell, cool!

   You may not want to be disturbed during a meeting, class or whatever and need to turn your ringer off. Text messages can still be sent and received, pretty much without bothering anyone.

   This language is a cost cutter, time saver and really quite efficient.

    So if this is a language you can use in texting, instant messaging, email or whatever, how does one learn the language? Is it all passed on by one-to-one or is it written down someplace?

    I did check and could not find the following. If they do not exist, they probably will soon. But are these out there someplace or will there be…

   …is there a a book called ‘Texting for Dummies’? How about a Rosetta Stone Program for, ‘Text Language’? Surely there will soon be, ‘Chicken Soup for the Texter’s Soul’?   🙂 

Texting 4

   Well, the link to follow here will show you everything you need to know about:

 Instant Messaging, Text Messaging and smiley face Emoticons

    It’s too bad you can’t abbreviate urls or web sites on a cell phone!

JI (Just Imagine),

D (Dahni) 

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