Posted by: Dahni | April 7, 2008

iWhat Next?

© 04/07/08

 By Dahni

   Everywhere you go it seems like there is another iSomething.  We have iPods, iTunes, iConnect, iThis and iThat. My question is, iWhat next?

   Don’t get me wrong, iAppreciate and use much of this cool technology and iBelieve iUnderstand the reasoning behind the names. It was and is a marketing strategy to make these products and services more personal. My real concerns are language, how much technology do we really want and need and are we becoming a world so egocentric that we are concerned with nothing and no one, but ourselves?

    As to language, all the iThis and iThat may be a catchy little thing easy to remember, but they are really silly and devoid of good grammatical sense. iDon’t know, maybe they ran out of names like they did several years ago with the dot.coms? The current number one, online social network, seemed to understand this and instead of naming their network iSpace, they went with myspace, which makes more sense.

     One of my websites is I-Magine is also the name of my company. You will have to take my word that it was named long before anyone was using iStuff. My intention as it shows on my web address was and is to place a hyphen (-), between the capital letter I and Magine. It was never in my thinking to call it iMagine. I-Magine is to show the relationship between the individual and the process of imagination. Despite the hyphen in the name, it is spelled correctly and the word means what it really means. Ask yourself the following. Do you really iPod or iTunes?

    How much technology do we really want and need. Sure, it’s cool and useful and all that, but have we become so obsessed with what we could do without ever considering, what we should do? When technology enhances the quality of our lives that’s great, but do we really want it to reflect our every thought?

    Most men know and so do women that us guys when we see a beautiful lady (beauty in the eye of the beholder), we sometimes undress them with our eyes. I’ve done this and women have caught me. They know! OK, call it human nature, but do we want to take this into technology?

    iSaw the following iMage on another blog and iTweaked it a little. On the blog he was saying that the Japanese have developed new cell phones with X-ray technology built right in. So when you ask a pretty lady if you can take her picture and she agrees, what you are really doing is undressing her with your cell phone.   

   Well I guess the Japanese women finally figured it out and just developed a line of leaded underwear.   🙂 

   Online social networks are kind of cool and really bizarre at the same time to me. When my wife and I moved into our present neighborhood, we TRIED to meet the neighbors. I even wrote a newsletter for a few months. Most people here could care less. Too busy, too tired, too stressed out to get together I guess and they just stay to themselves inside their caves. iSent out my final newsletter and about four months later, one of our neighbors said she was not getting them anymore. What part of iSent the last one out months ago did she not understand? Why did it take her four months to say something when we live just a few houses away from her?

    People really are social creatures for the most part. How do I know this? One proof is the online social network phenomenon! Maybe we want to get together with people, but do so while we can sit around in our underwear or something like that?

    Gee, what happened to really meeting people and caring about others? Is technology becoming our mother’s breast? Are we becoming like the Dead Sea, only desirous of what comes in while not much goes out?

    Are we a world of people where technology instead of improving the quality of our lives is turning us into couch potatoes or other lifeless, non-productive and unimaginative vegetables? Have we made some intentional or non-intended transference to technology?

   With the present pace and race towards genetic engineering, nano technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and bio-chip implants, iWhat’s next? iThink?

alternative title of image – ‘Pot Head’?  🙂

    Personally, iDon’t desire or need anything embedded in my brain. iWould prefer to think with what brains iHave.

    iWhat next, iPsychic?


   According to one of the definitions of the word, a psychic or that which is psychic, is “outside of natural or scientific knowledge; spiritual.” You can believe whatever you choose to believe. For me, why should iCall a psychic or go see one? Don’t they already know what iAm thinking? Shouldn’t they just come to me!

    For me, myself and i, iDo not think and therefore iAm. iAm and therefore iCHOOSE to think!  

    Technology is cool and can be useful. It can enhance the quality of our lives. We should not transfer our lives to it or love it. iWhat then?

    Technology is just a bunch of things. Things are made to be used, but people are made to be loved!

 Just iMagine,


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