Posted by: Dahni | April 17, 2008

Dead Head

© 04/17/08

By Dahni

   When did dead head from the neck up become normal?

   In my research, I found the same mentality pretty much everywhere in recorded history, of human kind upon this planet. People want this and that, but they want someone or something to give or provide it to them. Why should you go get it yourself or provide for your own? That would be unmistakably and without question, unthinkable!

   Imagine if you and bunch of other people or your collective ancestors, were all ridiculed, tormented, harassed, enslaved, persecuted, maimed, tortured, and killed for centuries. Finally you get a break and you are led out of bondage into, a land flowing with milk and honey. Your wagon train master has to leave for a while and commune with the boss. He does not come back for some time and you begin to get anxious. What do you do?

   OK, let’s make a golden calf out of the melted down gold stuff Egypt gave you, just to get rid of you and all the plagues they had because of you. Great idea, let’s make a golden calf and worship it. After all, where is Mo anyway? Great, now let’s all go back to Egypt, bondage wasn’t all that bad.

   Now this may come as a shock to many, but the God of the Bible never wanted kings, judges, the law and a lot of other stuff. So how come people got those things? Because they wanted it and God cannot force anyone to do anything. Basically then as it is now, we want someone or something to give or provide whatever we want or need. We also need a scapegoat or someone or something to blame when everything gets screwed up.

   The ancient Greeks and the Romans had a slew of gods to blame for all their woes. However, if they won a battle or a war, the leaders generally took the credit. It was a great system actually as the kings, rulers and leaders never had to take the blame, it was “the will of the gods.” You could also build some massive temple or redecorate your personal palace, tax the hell out of the people and just say it was “the will of the gods.” Win the war and then maybe in casual conversation say, “by god, by the gods I kicked their ass!”

   In the United States we have this welfare state, but it is no different than any other society in history. We develop mindsets and depending on how long we have become set in our ways, could determine whether or not we will ever change. Maybe it is too late for some people or next to impossible?

   People everywhere are talking about change. Hoping for change, waiting on change and all kinds of changes we want and need. Who is responsible for you and me, me and you or is it someone or something else?

   OK, imagine this – You have been in jail for 40 years. One day the guard comes and opens your cell door and says you have been set free. What do you do, just sit there because the place is home? I know, talk it over with your network group. Ask the other prisoners what you should do.

   If you are looking for either a job or an opportunity, networking groups in person and online have become the latest thing. Maybe you have been to these as I have? Their agendas are pretty much the same for all of them. There are some announcements. There may be some discussion. There is usually some free networking time where you just go and introduce yourself to some people you don’t know. At some point, each person is given maybe 90 seconds or so to give, to the entire group present, what is commonly referred to as, ‘the elevator speech. You stand up, give your name, your business if you have one, what you are looking for, maybe some personal information about yourself or the hobbies you enjoy, then you restate your name and sit down. Hence like an elevator, you go up and then you go down.

   Having done this many times, I might appear to be nervous, but I am excited. I get animated and often use some prop, humor or something out of the ordinary to make a point. On one particular occasion, I was surrounded by a group of highly intelligent, experienced and skilled people. You know them, they are the smart people in charge.

   When I was done, they sat there with blank looks or like deer-in-the-headlights. After the meeting was adjourned, not a single person asked for one of my business cards, acknowledged my presence or said a single word to me.

   Ordinarily having received such a chilly response, one would think there was something wrong with my presentation or it and I just sucked. The thought did cross my mind, but only briefly. The night before, I was at another network meeting and there were actually people waiting in line to speak to me and wanting my business cards. What was the difference between the two meetings? Quite simply, one had people with open minds and the smart ones? They were head dead from the neck up. It was like I was offering cookies, but since I was not going to shove it down their throats, they weren’t going to take one and eat it themselves.

   Yesterday I went again to the head dead group. We had quite a lengthy discussion about many things of which I participated in. People were whining and complaining about their poor figurative cookies and were wishing for some better cookies.

   I made a passionate suggestion that everyone should consider starting some kind of their own business and have a back up plan or a Plan B. It followed with 3 simple things to do.

      1. Know the rules or have someone (CPA etc.), that does
      2. Keep good records
      3. Have the intention of making a profit

   One smart lady said she could never do that to which I responded with:

   OK, let me just use one thing which is important and actually quite stressful to many people, the price of gas. If gas were $4.00 per gallon and the average miles per gallon were 20 miles, then the cost to drive one mile would be twenty cents. Because of having my own business, the US government allowed me .45 per mile. This would be like paying me back for all my gas and throwing in an extra .25 a mile. If you filled up your vehicle once a week for about $40 a tank, you would pay over $2,000.00 over the course of the year. Without going into all the other possible deductions, don’t you think you would find out whatever you needed to do, to have your gas paid for and then receive another $2,000.00 +, just for having your own business? It is not always how much we make, but how much we keep.

   How was this received? Well, I got those deer-in-the-headlight looks again. Is it because I am stupid or from Mars? Did my presentation or I just suck? Did they not believe me? Was the information incorrect? Were they stupid?

   There is only one answer and one answer only – head dead from the neck up. As I heard someone say before, I looked upon them all and silently and in my own mind, told them to all go die. They were dead already anyway.

   OK, stay in your present field, the same ones that these same ones were all moaning and complaining about how rotten their cookies were or how they wished for better cookies. I was offering cookies, but since they were not blended and spoon-fed to them like baby food, not a one would go for getting their own cookie.

   In any organization of people past, present or in the future, there are five types of people: leaders, workers, independents, watchers and waste or the head dead. Leaders lead the parade. Workers are behind the scenes or in the parade to make it happen. The independents set up a webcam, video the parade, put it on You Tube and with Google Ads, make money from it, while they watch the parade in an enclosed hot tub, away from the crowds, the weather and transportation and parking problems. The watchers spend all the money and watch the parade. The waste, well, they are just head dead from the neck up.

   When did anyone think dead head from the neck up should be considered normal?

   From the beginning of time, humans have wanted kings, and leaders to provide for their every want and need. They have desired to be spoon-fed baby food cookies. They have cried for change, but if set free, will stay in or return to bondage. They will expect miracles of entitlements, but complain and wish for better cookies. They will blame someone or something else for all their troubles, rather than go get, make, bake and eat their own cookies. They are the head dead from the neck up. Beware of them unless you are contaminated by them and they waste your time, your energy, your vision, talents and your life. Beware of them unless you too begin to complain about your cookies, wish for better cookies and are to be counted among the head dead from the neck up.

   When you meet them, try by all means to offer them cookies, but don’t feed them. Encourage them if you can, but do not believe it is your fault they are hungry or your responsibility to feed them. Be polite verbally to their face if you must, “Have a nice Life,” while silently you say to them in the privacy of your own thoughts, “Go Die.” They are dead already, for they are the head dead from the neck up.

   Oh and by the way, a chicken with its head cut off, can really still run around for awhile. Go ask a farmer that raises chickens if you don’t believe me. Yep, someone may appear intelligent, be greatly experienced and highly skilled. They may seem like they are alive and even move around, but they are head dead from the neck up.

Just Imagine,


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