Posted by: Dahni | April 28, 2008

Tired & Sore

© 04/28/08

By Dahni

   I’m tired and sore. Having pulled up the carpeting and pad from three rooms, 13 stairs and the upstairs hallway, I suppose you can understand.

   Then there was the pulling out of staples with needle nose pliers from the hard as a rock now revealed beautiful hardwood floors. I guess you now know why I pulled the carpet, despite the blisters on my hand from pulling all those staples.

   Then there was the tack strip I had to remove with a hammer and 5-N-1 tool (like a hand scraper only better). Tack strips are around 4′ in length, 1″ in width and about ¼” in height. Little sharp nails are driven in at an angle to hold the carpet and are held to the floor with wood nails spaced about every 6″ or so. The wood material is a laminate of probably junk or scrap wood glued together. It is really fairly easy to install, but a pain to remove. Now you know why my hands are scratched and have some minor cuts. The tack strip never comes out without being broken into pieces and the nails get stuck in the floor or your foot if you step on them.

   Then there is my back, sore, aching and causing me to limp from yanking, pulling, scraping, twisting and scrubbing the floor with Murphys’ Oil Soap. But I believe, most of this was caused by the fact that for most of this project, I had to sit on my butt. That’s a real problem for me as essentially, I am a no-ass or non-ass kind of guy. Simply stated, I have no ass for the most part. Sure, now you’re thinking, why didn’t I just sit on a cushion or at least a piece of the carpet I pulled? Little late now to be suggesting such an incredibly intelligent thing isn’t it? Where were you when I was going through this?

   Yes, I am tired and sore, but this blog is not to solicit your sympathy or empathy. It is really about the words, “tired and sore.” But I’ll be fine as soon as I finish just cleaning the hallway, make an appointment and go see my chiropractor. Thanks for your concern.  🙂

   “Tired,” and “sore,” like so many of our English words have multiple meanings. I mean, what does it mean to be tired? Am I car with four tires recently tired and ready to put on another several thousand miles? Am I like the Michelin Man made out of tires and therefore I am just “tired?”

Now while I’m on the subject of being “tired,” how about the word “retired,” or is it “re-tired?” Is this like another set of tires? If you work until you are 65 then “retire,” what does this mean, you are no longer tired from work, but you get “tired” of being retired?

      And how about my being “sore,” what does that mean? Am I sore because of all that physical exertion from the carpet pulling project? Am I “sore,” because I am annoyed; irritated; offended; or angered? Who would be the principal source of my mental irritation, my wife because she wanted hardwood floors? I do have to admit that I was a little concerned at first. Why do they put carpet over hardwood floors anyway? I concluded that this was due either to someone just wanted carpeting or they were hiding some very bad floors. It was a 50/50 chance. My wife was right and I am not “sore,” at her.

   Quite simply, I am just “tired,” and “sore.”

Just Imagine,


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