Posted by: Dahni | April 29, 2008

Something Simple & Comforting

© 04/29/08

By Dahni

In a world of incredible technology and minute computations to make it all work, there is something simple and comforting about older technology which to be fair, were the marvels in their day.

The oldest of course would be the sun. It is still quite extraordinary when you think about it. Pretty much like clockwork, it comes up in the morning and sets at night, day after day and year after year. It’s simple and comforting and we really don’t have to think about it. Thankfully, we don’t have to reboot, call tech support or upgrade this operating system. 🙂

I’m not sure where we get the idea of a smiley-face sun? Is this something we are taught as children or is it just something imbedded within our KGC (kid’s genetic code)? One way or the other, we have come to view the sun as something familiar, friendly, simple and comforting.

No one or no technology has of yet to improve upon the sun, but someone, sometime and somewhere came up with a way to enjoy the sun’s many benefits easier, faster and perhaps longer. It’s a wonder that people still use this older technology and that they are not just some visual representation of a modern day computer operating system. I am referring to windows.

WOW, how cool are windows! If you can’t get to the sunshine/moonshine, bring ’em inside, fresh air and all. Windows open up the otherwise dark areas of our caves (dwellings/domiciles/homes), too. I suppose people long ago became accustomed to the sunshine and then at night with moonshine. This whole system is simple and comforting and technology that continues to this day.

Despite its many benefits, this older technology has two problems. The first one was light itself. I mean, if you were not a farmer and not wanting to get up early, the early morning sunshine might become a rude intrusion. Even though people in the past got up with the first rays of light and went to bed when it was dark, modern day people have different needs. A full moon at night just might wake you up when you wanted to be asleep and not be welcome either. New technology was developed to take care of these needs. They are called curtains.

Of course, the types of curtains shown, would not block all the available light. They would be good however, to keep other people from maybe seeing what we’ve got inside our caves (dwellings/domiciles/homes). They may prevent others from seeing what we have on or may not have on as well. 🙂

If we really want to block out all the light, we would just use darker or full-coverd-window curtains. But if we do that, why were windows ever invented in the first place?

The other problem with the older technology involved ‘time,’ or time reckoning. I reckon if the sun is directly overhead, it is pretty close to being twelve noon. When the sun comes up it is morning and when it sets it’s close to being night. This is all ‘fine and dandy,’ if you get up when the sun is up and go to bed when the sun goes down. But what happens when it is a dark and cloudy day. Then there is that full moon shining in your window to consider as well. It too, might be keeping you awake. What if it was a dark and cloudy night and the moon was hidden?

Farmers developed another technology which was quite handy, especially for dairy farmers needing to rise before dawn. This was called, getting a rooster.

These were great except they were not always accurate. Sometimes they would go off too early and sometimes too late. Sometimes they would not go off at all.

What if the rooster somehow ate a bunch of fermented corn and they ended up cock-a-doodle-doo-ing all ‘freakin’ night long? Suppose they were kidnapped by a neighbor that preferred sleep, over being awake? What if the rooster ‘bought the farm’ so to speak? What if they were eaten by something or someone that also, got sick of hearing them crow, at all hours of the day and night?

Without accuracy, without cloudless days and cloudless nights, how would we know what time it is? Like the title and line from the song by the musical group Chicago, “Does anyone really know what time it is?” Right, so how then would it be possible to actually nail down the time?

Finally, someone came up with something so simple and comforting. Like the sun and the moon it is still reliable and is not dependent upon cloudless days and cloudless nights. It is not even dependent upon all our modern technology, various energy sources to operate or even batteries in case of power failure. It does not even matter if we have windows or windows with or without curtains! It has only one problem that I know of and maybe there is no answer for human error.

Even though I do not have a rooster, I still just want to ‘crow about,’ this new technology. Now we can all be simplified and comfort-zed. Now we can know that we are in control of our destiny, at least for a day anyway.

Don’t forget to wind it!

Just Imagine,


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