Posted by: Dahni | May 5, 2008

The Art of Motivation

© 05/05/08

 By Dahni

    Whether it is self-motivation or to be motivated or to motivate others, there is an art to motivation. If motivation is an art, then there are techniques. Techniques can be learned.

    Now I could here present a very heady, long-ass and researched article that I spent an entire day on, but forgot to save the file or in ten minutes make something quick and simple. Having no other choice, this is what I will do.

    I suppose I personally learned a great deal in researching my long-ass and unsaved article and it does apply to the content of this article. First, do not get mad because you did not save your work, save your work. Second, the words motivate, motivated and motivator all share the same root which is motive. A motive is an action taken based upon an emotional response like my being mad, angry over not saving my original work.

    There are many emotions upon if acted upon will produce either results or consequences. Not saving my work produced not just anger over the lost file, but sort of loathe of self for being so stupid and in wasting my time.

    Emotions get produced as chemicals in our chemical manufacturing plants in our brains. Without reason controlling our emotions instead of the other way around, our cells could get to the point that there is no room for proper nutrition outside of mere survival, because they are full of these emotional drugs. By choice and very much like any other addiction, the fix becomes more important to us than food. It is quite possible to become addicted to pain, lonliness, depression, anger and other less than normally desired emotions.

    We can be motivated by others or self-motivate. We can choose to motivate others. The motives or emotions could be as many as have been suggested by researchers of over 120. Pretty much you could just break them all down under two motivations. Motivation by fear or by love. The world of advertising and the media seems to run on some type of fear motivation. Advertisers and media want us to buy, try or do something and usually as quickly as is possible. Save this or that, try this new and improved when you really think about are all fear motivation. Fear is quick and love usually takes a longer amount of time. Like the saying goes though:

“The wheels turn slowly,
but they grind (or polish), finely.”

   To self-motivate, get motivated or to motivate others, we must first be in control of our thoughts. If we control our thoughts we may control our emotions; actions; motives. When love is the motive, the results may take longer, but they will be longer lived.

    When listening to television, reading, or viewing any media presentation, take care to what you think and monitor what you feel, as opposed to any outside influence. There is nothing greater than to rule over your own life.

   Whether it is self-motivation or to be motivated or to motivate others, there is an art to motivation. If motivation is an art, then there are techniques. Techniques can be learned. These techniques are simply, our thoughts. Choose what we think and we will be in control of our emotions; our actions; our motives.

“He (or she), that hath no rule over his (or her), own spirit
is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.”
The Bible Proverbs 25:28 KJV

   We might even save our work and avoid getting angry and wasting time too.  🙂

Just Imagine,


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