Posted by: Dahni | May 6, 2008

Get a Life

© 05/06/08

By Dahni


Top reasons that maybe it’s time to get a life:

20.  The only reasons you never leave home without your America Express Cards are, you don’t have an American Express Card and you never leave home
19.  There is a knock on your door and you have no idea where the sound is coming from
18.  You read a lot of lists
17.  You never answer the doorbell when your soap is on and have no clue what Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses are
16.  The last time you saw it rain was on TV
15.  Facebook, MySpace and other online social networks are the same thing as being there
14.  Text messaging is part of a meaningful relationship
13.  A hug is something you send online
12.  Your neighborhood has petitioned City Hall to have your yard condemned, but the EPA (Environment Protection Agency), has made it a sanctuary for new species
11.  You spend weekends trying to get the scoop on next week’s soap opera
10.  You have intimate relationships with characters from a day-time soap opera
  9.  You have a DVR (digital video recorder), in case you miss your soap, LIVE
  8.  The most important person in your life is your DVR & cable TV repair person
  7.  You think an iPhone is used to send pictures of your eyeball like you used to send an image of your butt from a copy machine
  6.  You expect your pet to answer the phone during your soap opera
  5.  You walk outside your cave (during commercial break of your soap opera), and have no idea where you are or how you got there
  4.  Outer space is the place where you put stuff that won’t fit in your living room, because it blocks the TV
  3.  Finger blogging is just as physical as foot jogging
  2.  It’s another great day when you can’t find your name in the obituaries
  1.  You order toilet paper online, during commercial break of your favorite soap

Just Imagine,


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