Posted by: Dahni | May 9, 2008

Things to Do When Your’e Bored

© 05/09/08

By Dahni

Log on to and watch email space grow


Watch the grass grow!


   Wait for the telephone to ring. Hey get a new phone will yah, for crying out loud!





Wait for the doorbell to ring.

                              Watch your clothes dry (inside).




   Watch your clothes dry (outside).






   Watch paint dry.





Go buy some dirt, dirt cheap and watch it.






               Watch concrete dry.

Watch cookies bake.

   Then there is my personal favorite……………..

Find a huge shopping cart like me and go shopping.
Yes it is really me and it’s a race car engine, shopping cart.
‘Betcha didn’t know I love to race shopping carts?
Well actually, I only race the regular shopping carts in parking lots,
but they let me sit in this one and took my picture.  


Just Imagine,


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