Posted by: Dahni | May 10, 2008


Angie (ahn-gee)


By Dahni

On the afternoon of May 9th, 2008 I took Angie outside to enjoy the spring. She was content to lay upon my lap. On the evening of the same day, Susan picked her up and Angie was happy to lay upon Susan’s lap. On the early morning of May 10th, 2008, Angie was at peace in her box where she lay in this same final resting spot.

She lingers no longer. She suffers no more. She endears as long as breath remains within us.

In time there is restoration. Grief is a healing process. There are no words in the silence of the heart, but there are many words and much volume in the empty places of loss. When memory of the present fades, the memories of how we are touched of others will fill in the empty.


For background on Angie and perhaps to help you prepare for a loss, see:

Just Imagine,


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