Posted by: Dahni | May 12, 2008

THE HEART part 2 0f 2

© 05/12/08

 By Dahni

Dedicated to Susan: On the occasion of her birthday May 11, 2008

The Heart

The heart is such a very small thing
no bigger than your fist,
but out it flows all the issues of life
and returns the sum and the gist.

Such power and yet so fragile,
as if made of butterfly wings
and deep within it voices,
all the sorrow and joy it sings.

Sometimes it beats in sync with all the earth;
sometimes to a different drum
and not a drop is ever lost
and holds our naught and worth.

But how can so small a thing,
contain all our life within its core
and yet it does with every beat;
with vast room for so much more.

It beats and breaks
and is sometimes broken
and if to sleep will awaken again,
from the silent to the spoken.

Sometimes it is guarded unwisely;
sometimes not at all,
but rebounds and will rise again,
after every fall.

I know not how its small size contains,
all the issues of our lives,
I know only that it somehow does
and it yet remains.

With every beat of anguish another beat of joy it gives
and that is all I know of the heart,
and we are alive and we live,
because the heart still lives.

From the collection: ‘Full Measure’ © 2008 by the same author

Just Imagine,


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