Posted by: Dahni | May 13, 2008


© 05/13/08

 by Dahni

‘Corners’ a watercolor by Dahni © 2008


   Corners are the most amazing things. From them flow all our tears of joy and of pain and every smile and every sorrow. Corners reveal every consealed emotion. Corners cleanse and purify so much more than our eyes and our faces. Corners are the visible communication of our often indescribable, unexplained and inexplicable issues of our lives. They are the messages sent from somewhere deep within us, for our own eyes to behold in a mirror and to reflect towards and to touch the world. Corners cannot be improved upon. They can only be used for our own benefit and for those who care. Corners are meant to be used. To use them little, not often or never may cease their ability to ever flow again. Use your corners frequently! Corners are the gifts of grace, upon your face.


 Just Imagine,


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