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Common Sense


By Dahni


   Have you ever wished people either had or had more of common sense? Have you ever looked through a school curriculum for a class named Common Sense 101 or Advanced Common Sense? If there were such classes, what would be the qualifications required to teach them? How profitable would it be to start your own business and sell nothing, but Common Sense? Personally, I believe common sense would solve the national debt, end unemployment, solve poverty, eliminate racial tensions, end global warming, the current gas crisis, and a host of other issues to numerous to mention. Whenever and wherever the government steps in to fix something by regulating it, the conditions worsen. Let’s start with pennies or just common cents. Is this what common sense is? Let’s explore how common cents may be associated with common sense, or the lack thereof.

Monetary System

   The image above is just some pennies or 1¢ coins. According to the U.S. Mint which is part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, a penny:

consists of 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper.

   The cost to make a single penny as of May 6, 2008 was 1.26 cents. However with rising gas prices some believe it could go as high as 1.7 – 2 ¢ [1]

   So let’s say we work and get paid a penny, but it costs 1.26 to make that penny. Who pays for it? We do. So if you and I pay 1.26 ¢ in the form of taxes for the penny, we would need to earn 2.26¢ just to spend one penny. Does this make sense or is it just cents to you?  If you can understand this then you can easily understand almost every other issue facing America or each of us personally.

   The questions remain:

  1. Does government, business, science, education and the media not have any common sense? Hint: Most of these institutions contain the most educated people in the country.
  2. Do these bodies know exactly what they are doing and are trying to get the rest of us to believe something else? Hint: Most of these institutions contain the most educated people in the country.
  3. If these institutions know what they are doing, how do the rest of us know about it? Hint: The rest of us might not be the most educated, but we get most of our information from the media.

The Media

   Do you trust the media? According to The Harris Poll® #24, March 6, 2008, “Over half of Americans say they tend not to trust the press.” [2]  The figure from their poll is actually around 54%. The “press” is not just confined to newspapers and magazines, but all forms of media including online. If we do not trust them 54% of the time and this is where we are getting our information, why do we believe them?

Free Enterprise

   When government gets out of the way, free enterprise works, but we want healthcare for everyone, jobs, education for all, equal opportunity and a whole laundry list and we want government to provide all this and more. Do we really? There is a law in business that is called the law of supply and demand. Some believe demand should equal the supply. This is called a zero sum gain. I think I read that in the Communist Manifesto somewhere too. Do we really want that or would we prefer business to make a profit, increase jobs, production and contribute to the gross national product? Do we really want “womb to the tomb security,” or would we rather have freedom?  

   “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” Attributed to Barry Golwater, Gerald Ford and even Davy Crockett. You decide who said it and whther it is common sense or not. Has the media informed us of these things?

Social Security

   If your money and your employer’s contributions have been saved ever since you started work and you reach retirement, how could your money not possibly be there plus interest? Who took it? Was it the government that used it and cannot replace it without taxing more people? Has the media informed us of these things?

Gas Crisis 

   Are the current gas prices due to the record profits of Big Oil? Are their profit margins about the same as ever while their costs have increased tremendously? What is the total in billions of dollars that Big Oil has spent on research for alternative fuels? Has it been widely profitable or forced upon them because government said so and they can’t drill for the cheaper energy source on our own boundaries of the United States? What are the current local, state and federal taxes on a single gallon of gas? Are speculation and other countries regulating the price of oil or is it just Big Oil? If it is not Big Oil, then why don’t we produce more oil? Is this because we are concerned with polluting the environment? During hurricanes Rita and Katrina, nearly 3,000 platforms were in their path, but only 109 platforms were destroyed and five drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Only a small portion of production was lost.

   “Despite such intense winds and powerful waves offshore, we experienced no loss of life or significant spills from any offshore well on the outer continental shelf,”  said Interior Secretary Gale Norton. [3]

   In Pipeline & Gas Journal,  Nov, 2005, a candid talk at the Lukens Energy Group’s quarterly breakfast at the Hyatt Regency Houston, Minerals Management Service Director, Johnnie Burton told attendees that energy production from the Gulf region that accounts for 30% of the nation’s oil supply and 20% of its natural gas has been hard hit. 

   Burton was particularly pleased to provide news that no pollution incidents occurred due to subsea valve failure during either of the hurricanes.

    “The subsea valves on all the wells in the Gulf held and there are no reports of a well that spilled uncontrolled into the Gulf,” she said. “It also proves the point I’ve been trying to make for the past four years that this industry is one of the safest and drilling is one of its safest activities. [4]

   How many of nearly 3,000 platforms leaked? Nearly none! Why, because of government regulation, environmentalists or the construction methods by Big Oil? Did the media ever inform us of these things?

Housing Crisis

   Why should we believe Obama’s recent explanation of the housing crisis?

 Obama compares housing crisis to Great Depression

Wed May 14, 2008 8:46am EDT Reuters

    I don’t think that we’re … necessarily going in the direction of the Depression,” he said in response to a question during a visit to a suit-making factory.

    “There are some similarities, though, to what happened back in the late 20s and early 30s and what’s been happening now, and the biggest similarity is how we’ve been dealing with Wall Street and what’s happening in the financial markets.”

    Obama said the U.S. housing crisis resulted from a lack of regulation of mortgage lenders and investment banks who ended up with worthless assets, leading people to panic.

    “As your president my job is to regulate what happens in the financial markets to make sure that people aren’t taking these kinds of risks and that we’re having full disclosure,” he said. [5]

    Is that right? Is this really the president’s responsibility or was it the government that told the housing industry to make it easier for people to buy a home (whether they could afford it or not)? Don’t you think if the housing industry were at fault, there would be major lawsuits taking place because a lawyer was usually present at every closing? So who caused the present crisis and who is trying to fix it by making it worse in regulating it again? Has the media informed us of these things?

The Great Depression

   As to the Great Depression, who caused it? Was it the housing market, low supplies to heavy demand, or Wall Street? Or was it government imposed tariffs on pretty much everything that came into this country? Was it Coolidge’s or Roosevelt’s New Deal (IRS, welfare and social security that fixed or exacerbated this? Was it World War II that got us out of the depression because 17% of the population went to war and the ladies went to work in the country to make stuff? [6] Has the media informed us of these things?

Global Warming

   Why did they name the country Greenland? Was the name Iceland already taken or was Greenland once green and warm instead of icy and cold as it is now? Are we really heading for a meltdown or are governments, businesses and individuals trying to make a buck off of us by appealing to our sympathies to “save the planet?” Why will not Al Gore or any pro-Global Warming group ever debate any alternative views? Are there any alternatives views or just what we know by the media?



   Technology has enabled us with satellite imagery, to zoom in to almost anyplace in the world at almost anytime and then broadcast it in real time to the world. Technology can also take the same imagery, data, and information and alter or manipulate it to say almost anything according to a bias agenda. We already know the media reports, are considered bias, distort and spin the information and that 54% of us cannot trust them.

   As this began so shall it end! Now I ask you, does it make sense for me to make a something that costs 1.26 cents that is only worth a penny? Well sure it does if I can get you to pay for it. And besides, how is America supposed to make change? If you can understand this, you can understand nearly everything else problematic in America today. Just follow the money? It is after all, just common sense.


Just Imagine,



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[2] The Media


[3] Gas Crisis



[5] Obama Compares Present Housing Crisis To The Depression


[6] The Great Depression 

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