Posted by: Dahni | May 16, 2008

Common Cents


   Are you looking for something to do that just make common sense with your common cents? Build a bridge. It all begins with a stack of ten pennies.





   Next, add three pennies to form a triad on top of your stack, then add another or a second triad = a double triad on top of the first one.


   The next step is to repeat the whole thing with a second stack of ten pennies with a double triad on top. Build this second stack close to the other stack as shown below.

   Place one penny on top of each stack. Place two more pennies in the open spaces. Finally place one more triad on top, completing the bridge.

   You will be amazed at how strong this really is. Have a lot more time and coins? Repeat the same thing again and form circles and just build cool stuff. After all, it just makes common cents.  🙂


Just Imagine,


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