Posted by: Dahni | May 20, 2008

Just Imagine

© 05/20/08

By Dahni

   I close out every blog with ‘Just Imagine,’ so I thought, why not start one this way. So I am and here it is, Just Imagine…   

   …if you were doing the work you really love to do? Perhaps many of you already are, but I would be willing to bet that many of us are not. If this is the case then what are the rest of us doing? The rest of us like most of us at one time in our lives or another, have been trading time for money.

   But this commonality among many usually did not start out this way. When we were or perhaps still are young, we had and may yet have dreams, lots of dreams. Somewhere along the way in our growing up, two other things occurred.

   First, we came to know something about ourselves. We grew in both body and mind and discovered natural talents and abilities. Perhaps these grew out of our interests, the things we were interested in and thus, excited; animated and passionate about.

   Next, instead of going to school and learning to become experts in these fields of our personal interest and then just doing and being what we saw ourselves as doing and being, we may have changed in desiring something else. If you had chores to perform as a child in order to receive some allowance, we then were already exposed to doing many things that we may or may not have liked. This might have been the beginning of trading our time for money. Then maybe it was a part time job we worked after school or on weekends. Then maybe this continued and we continued to trade our time for money.

   Please do not misunderstand. If you always wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, fireman, teacher or whatever occupation and are still doing this type of work that’s great! But if you chose this or any other occupation for any other reason than it was what you really wanted to do, than like many of the rest of us, you traded your time for money too.

   Now I suppose we could all ‘grow into’ almost anything; even learn to love the unlovable. If you want proof, just ask my wife she still loves me. 🙂

   But what about our dreams, are we living our dreams? Or between trading our time for money, is their any time or energy left for our dreams? Have we forgotten our dreams or no longer believe they are possible? How did we ever lose our dreams anyway?

   Maybe like me, you were told or it was suggested that you should ‘get a real job.’ I was a ‘dreamer’ and to some degree, I still am. I was interested in the ‘arts and entertainment fields. I wanted to be an artist, a poet, a musician and a writer. Just one of those is hard enough, but all of them, why that’s just nuts; crazy; impossible or at least, impractical.

   These fields are difficult to break into and to be successful at, even if you have talent. I have met and am friends with many highly talented artists in many fields that posses great ability in many mediums. With all humility and with modesty, I believe I too have talent and ability in the areas mentioned above. But I kind of think of myself as the poster boy for starving artists. 🙂

   In truth, I have made little income from these fields of which I remain passionate about. So was the advice for me to stop dreaming and to go ‘get a real job,’ sound advice? Maybe this is so, but maybe it is not. Sometimes, we get talked out of things by family and best friends. They after all, most assuredly love us and have our best intentions in mind. Can you imagine though if Edison stopped trying to perfect the light bulb, or Michelangelo was talked out of painting the Sistine Chapel? What if Leonardo da Vinci was told to ‘go get a real job,’ he did and never painted the Mona Lisa? What if Bill Gates listened to others that said personal computers would never ‘fly,’ operating systems would be unneeded and windows were all stupid ideas, and then he just went and, got ‘a real job?’

   My point and the thread that binds all these people together is this. They all had critics and often they had to do other jobs to support their dreams, but they would neither be detoured from or give up on their dreams.

   There was a time long, long ago when poets were supported by communities and even kingdoms. They once had such influence that a monarch would never dream of offending a poet. Nations rose and fell by poets. The quality of a kingdom was indicative of the quality of their poets.

   Quite simply, a poet is no more than and certainly no less than any other occupation. All work is honorable, even if it is digging ditches, it is needed and someone has to dig them. The question is not what the work is, but is the person suited to it? Is this what they truly desire to do with their lives? If it is so desired of the individual and it is needed by others, why should they not be supported by the work of their own dreams? There is plenty of room for all of us!

“A man’s (or woman’s) gift [ability]
maketh (makes), room for him (or her)…”

The Bible, Proverbs 18:16a KJV

   Moving forward, we first return to the phrase, “trading time for money.” What does this mean?

   Money is just a symbol of power and influence. It is a method of exchange for something and it could be beads, baubles, gold, silver, coins, paper or whatever. It is neither moral nor immoral. Quoting the Bible again and a verse that is so often misquoted, it is not money which is evil of itself, but …

“For the love of money is the root of all evil…”

The Bible, I Timothy 6:10a KJV

   With a misappropriate view of money, there is no wonder why the value of a life is so often and so wrongfully valued by the amount of money (power and influence), one possesses. But there is no value which can be accurately placed upon a single life of a human being.

   Our time is however, equated with our life. Whereas money may come and go, our time is only and always now. Time like our lives is limited.

   Many despise and may hate the U.S. system of business or capitalism. Many even in our own country would prefer to us become more like socialism or even communistic. There are signs of this happening, but those behind it are careful to not use the words socialism or communism. The popular phrase is, “zero sum gain.” In other words we all should have the same and the supply of everything should equal the demand. Profit which is not a dirty word, creates jobs, makes improvements, and produces news ideas and innovations. Profits are made from creating high demand while limiting the supply. Almost everywhere we go we see, read or hear about something that is offered as a, ‘limited edition.’

   People, you and I are all limited editions. Our lives are limited to the time we each will live in this life. Our being a limited edition, should and does make us each invaluable. Proof of our uniqueness is seen in our fingerprints as no two are ever exactly the same. Again, this makes our time and our lives priceless.

   So when we trade our time for money, we are in essence, trading our lives and our dreams for mere money. All the money in the world could not buy something so unique, such a limited edition, and so priceless as we each are!

   If you are tired of trading your time, your life and your dreams for money, then stop, stop right now.

   If I could show you HOW not only to make your dreams come true and help others in the process, make their dreams come true, would this be in demand?

   My supply is limited, but I do have a few cookies. If you write to me, maybe I will share them with you?

Subject line: I want a cookie







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