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Staying in Shape

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   After 19 years of waiting, The Hat is back! If you have followed the series of movies, the image above is so clear, the actor that wears it and the character he plays, is instantly recognized. If not, I will just tell you. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is back, in the fourth and perhaps last of The Indiana Jones series.

   Indiana Jones first appeared in the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark. The film was followed by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in 1984 and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opened yesterday on 5/22/08. 

   I happened to catch his first interview on opening day with Regis Philbin on, Live with Regis & Kelly. I’ve long been a fan of Indiana Jones and of Harrison Ford who plays him. It’s true that he makes his living as an actor, (a very good actor), but he is also a very intelligent man. I can hardly wait to see his latest movie.

   OK, but what does this have to do with, ‘Staying in Shape?’ Here is a clue to follow.

    Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1942 and this makes him 65 years old. The last Indiana Jones movie he made was nineteen years ago. These movies are all action packed thrillers and many of stunts are performed by Harrison Ford, including this latest one. The physical demands of these types of roles would be taxing at any age, and at 65, Harrison Ford is still up to the task. He has hardly changed at all in nineteen years, except for some added white hairs.

   When it comes to staying in shape, many of us do so for appearance sake. Gyms, weight loss groups and products increase dramatically right before warm weather sets in. We want to fit into and look our best in, ‘the swim suit.’ Although there is nothing wrong with looking our best, it should not be our main focus. Truly we do seem to feel better in many ways if we ‘look good,’ but there should be more of a reason for ‘staying in shape.’

   I have been reading and studying the health aspects of staying in shape for years. Life is tough and we are busy people. We eat on the run, not at all or until late. Our bodies literally think we are starving and will even store lettuce as fat if that is all we eat. Even exercise may not yield the ultimate results we desire. We are in a hurry and want something that will fix everything quickly. But staying in shape is more than something from a bottle as a supplement in the form of a pill or some tasty shake. It is more than some magic snack bar or calorie free cardboard-like cookie. In fact, we may need all of these along with healthy food choices and proper exercise. But Harrison Ford said something during his interview with Regis Philbin yesterday that I never thought of.

“The reason for staying in shape is not just so you’re ‘stylin, but to mitigate injury.”
-Harrison Ford-

   That statement really astounded me initially and it grew as I continued to think about it. Maybe like you, I though a lot of actors were just vain. But after all it’s one thing to be seen in public by a few people and quite another to be shown to the world. We all want to be “stylin,” meaning we look good. When we look good we have the tendency of feeling good: mentally, emotionally and even physically. I think we all understand this and would agree.

   The other part of Ford’s statement was, “…to mitigate (or lesson), injury.”Now here is a guy that knows the physical demands the roles he plays, place upon him. He is no stranger to injury, but by experience he understand that the more he is in shape, the less likely he will be injured or those he does receive will be lessened.

   As ‘stylin is good for our whole self, so is mitigating injury. The better shape we are in, injury to our minds, bodies and emotional state will be lessened.

   Since the price of gas is rising, consider walking or jogging to the theater. Maybe get a block of tickets. Go meet the neighbors on your block and invite them to go with you. It would save gas, make new friends, be more secure in numbers, maybe get you a discount for the numbers of seats, and go a long way in getting us in shape, get us ‘stylin and mitigate all kinds of injuries.

   See you at the movies!  🙂 

Just Imagine,


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