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Chip & Dale – The Goofy Gophers

© 05/28/08

By Dahni

Image Copyright © by Walt Disney

Chip ‘n’ Dale are two fictional, animated chipmunks created by The Walt Disney Company. Chip is the logical schemer, and Dale is the dumb schemer. An easy way to visually tell them apart is that Chip has a small black nose and one centered protruding tooth, whereas Dale has a big red nose and his two prominent canines exposed. Chip is also depicted as having smooth, short fur atop his head while Dale’s tends to be ruffled.

Another way to tell them apart is to come over to my house and look on top of my computer monitor. There you will see two little stuffed toys clearly identifiable. ‘Chip’ has his name embrodiered on his right foot and ‘Dale’ has his name embrodiered also, on his right foot. Yes, I have grown up, but I have not grown out of being a kid!

I obviously like the little guys, but I must confess, they were quite rude and not my favorrites. My favorites were just not available as stuffed toys. My favorites are, the Goofy Gophers.

Images Copyright © by Warner Brothers Entertainment

The Goofy Gophers are animated cartoon characters in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. The gophers, named Mac and Tosh, are small and brown with tan bellies and beards.

The gopher’s mannerisms and speech, were patterned after comic characters of the 1900’s, named, Alphonse and Gaston. They as well as the Goofy Gophers had in common, the ridiculousness of their over-politeness which often slowed their getting to the task at hand.

Mac and Tosh’s dialogue is peppered with such over politenesses as “Indubitably!”, “You first, my dear,” and “But, no, no, no. It must be you who goes first!”

The Goofy Gophers were never quite as popular as Chip and Dale, did not have as many episodes and never saw commercial success or merchandise selections available, as the Disney chipmunks. These facts often confuse people and atrribute certain things said and done by the gophers, to the chipmunks. Both seemed to favor trees and acorns. But they were worlds apart.

Both the gophers and the chipmunks made their debut without being named until later. Both were annoying, though cute. The Gophers looked and acted more like squirrels and perhaps so did Chip & Dale. I am not quite sure if in reality, gophers or chipmunks hang out in trees? Mac & Tosh primarily annoyed a dog that was guarding a vegteable garden they wanted to raid. Chip and Dale mainly just bugged Donald Duck. The most irratating trait (though funny), of Mac & Tosh was their extreme politiness whereas Chip and Dale, were just plain rude.

Another common and presently used phrase may well be attributed to the Goofy Gophers. Used with inflexion the phrase is simply, “Th-ank Que,” (thank you).

Today, it may seem humorous to hear politness or to use good manners. Is this because we so seldom see, hear or use such common courtesies much anymore? I personally think their use shows class and are reflective of a genteel and civilized society. It should be inevitable and indubitably in good form. “You first, my dear,” and “But, no, no, no. It must be you who goes first!”

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  1. Animator Robert Clampett at Warner Bros. in the late 1940’s, patterned his Goofy Gophers, ‘Mac and Tosh,’ with their polite and flowery speech after two character actors, Edward Everett Horton and Franklin Pangborn.

  2. Dear V.E.G.,

    Your comment has been edited and approved. I did not know the basis for ‘Mac & Tosh’ were on these two actors, whose work I am familiar with and I thank you for that. If anyone is interested in either man, they can ‘search’ on any engine used on their browser. However, I do not find their personal lives to be relevant to my post.

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