Posted by: Dahni | May 30, 2008

Frog Legs

© 05/30/08

By Dahni

   Sometimes other people don’t care what you know or how much green you’ve got. They don’t care from what pond you came from or what lily pad you live on. Some could care less what your dreams are. People can often be pretty selfish, caring only about themselves.

   We are all just hopping around from pad to pad in this global pond called the world. We are just trying to find our place and where we fit in, in the grand scheme of life. Consider it a gift when you find and make a few choice friends not green with envy or jealous when you succeed.

   The best thing we can learn to do is to be entertaining for all the others in the pond. For ourselves, we might as well learn to dance. Life is so short. It’s always a ribbit-ing good idea to love dance every moment. We never know when will croak.


Just Imagine,


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