Posted by: Dahni | June 1, 2008


© 06/01/08

 By Dahni

   What is a Juneis? June is, busting out all over. No I am not talking about June Cleaver losing the buttons on her blouse.

   No, no, no, I’m talking about the month of June, busting out all over, but she does remind me of some simple times; some good times. I’m not sure how many Moms there have ever been that cook and clean in pearls and pumps, but June Cleaver did. There is always

‘June Busting 1′– watercolor June Cleaver, ‘Leave it to Beaver’

something warm, comfy and that just feels like home with the familiar presence of a mom. Home feels like summer. Home feels like June. So do the flowers of June.


‘June Busting 2′– watercolor 

   Whether it is the multicolored Irises or Roses, the colors and fragrances of June feel like summer. Maybe it reminds of summer vacations and travel to explore something new. Perhaps with the price of gas these days, many are taking a ‘staycation,’ where they do not go anywhere or at least not too far. But when I was a kid (smaller kid), shucks, the backyard was far enough and full of wonder.

   June is busting out all over. It’s the time of ‘barefoot-in, in the park or the beach and maybe ‘bareback-in on a horse. Shorts and sandals are the acceptable attire. Kite flying and dreaming while watching the clouds roll by; looking to see what shapes and faces you can see in them are favorites. Ice cream, puddles, sunbathing and wading, gardening and even mud pies or mud squishing beneath your toes are all common events.

   Longer days roll in with the clouds. Cool breezes are delicious and walking in the rain is wonderful. Fishing, hiking, biking, jogging or even walking are therapeutic. Dancing in the moonlight is a marvel.

   Yes, June is busting out all over. Why don’t we live like this every day? It is the imagination that makes a vacation or a ‘staycation memorable because like June, it’s always ready to be busting out all over.

Just Imagine,


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