Posted by: Dahni | June 3, 2008

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

© 06/03/08

 By Dahni

   We have heard the phrase countless times, but what does it mean, ‘putting your best foot forward?’ But more importantly, HOW can you and I always be…

Putting our best foot forward

   Sometimes we may feel that we must be someone else. We must fit our feet into the footprints of others. But maybe our foot does not fit. By not being true to ourselves, the world may never see our true and entirely unique footprints. This would NOT be putting our best foot forward. But is this always true? If you were lost, you could follow other footprints to find your way and this would surely be, putting your best foot forward.

   I read an interesting post from another blog recently. The writer was discussing the typical job interview. You know the situation well. You are applying for a job and are sitting in an interview. Probably like me, you were trying not to let them see you sweat. Along the process, there always comes the point where they ask about our particular strengths and weaknesses. We would like to always say that there are no weaknesses, only strengths, but they have most likely done their research about us and our resume’ shows less than perfection. Still, we cringe and squirm in our seats when asked this dreaded question. We know all too well that the wrong answer, just might cost us the job.

   In preparing for an interview we have only three choices. We can lie, bury our weaknesses on our resumes’ and with our words in hope that the interviewer will never focus upon them, or we can strengthen our weaknesses. Sooner or later it will all come out so why bother with lying or fudging? Now the writer of the blog I was reading, made an interesting point. If we spend a lot of time, effort and energy in strengthening our weaknesses, do our strengths become weaknesses from lack of use? It is a point and a question well made. Instead of doing this, the author suggested that we just make our strengths even stronger. This is one way to put our best foot forward, but is it the only way?

   The Jack of all trades mentality is either dead or a dying breed. There is so much demand now for specialization that no one can know everything that is needed about almost anything. So then maybe we are better off becoming all the best that it is possible for us to be. This too, is putting our best food forward, but most of us do have two feet.  🙂

   Sometimes our best foot for whatever reason or reasons, just does not fit the shoe others are offering. Now we can just move on until we find the right fit, but if similar situations continue, then we are NOT putting our best foot forward. Sometimes it becomes necessary to go back to the first idea of strengthening our weaknesses. Sometimes it becomes necessary in order to receive what we want and need, to provide what others want and need. This too is certainly, putting our best foot forward.

   You know what, people really don’t want and need our feet, they need people. Many times I’ve seen positions offered, deals and agreements made with people whose qualities and abilities were far less than what was needed. What made the difference? The ability to inspire trust and confidence, imagination, personality, friendliness and other attributes that may have nothing to do whatsoever, to what was being offered.

   Ask yourself (and be honest), would you rather spend your day with a genius that drives you crazy or would you rather go home refreshed, because you were with someone all day that inspired you? Now I did NOT just say that all geniuses will drive you crazy or that they are all uninspiring.

   One of my favorite shows on TV is ‘House.’ The guy is a brilliant diagnostician, but he’s a jerk. I wouldn’t last five minutes with him and he probably would fire me even before I said or did anything stupid. But guess what, yep, if I was dying and Dr. House was real, I’d choose him to help me, over Dr. Nice Person in a heartbeat. But OK how about this, how smart can you be if you cannot figure out a way to make yourself likable?

   So here is another way to put your best foot forward. Learn to imagine, get inspired and inspire others. What would make your day? Chances are the same things that make you smile, might brighten up the day of others. You do not need any extra training. It is not necessary to attend seminars or go back to school. You already have this ability to put your best foot forward, within you! Don’t laugh, but it is not just imagination, but it is YOUR imagination!

   Close your eyes right now and imagine yourself walking along the beach and make it the beach of your own private island. OK I’ll give you a visual aide.

‘Putting Your Best Foot Forward’ – watercolor © 2008

   Did you notice in the picture that the clouds can be seen through the legs of the person (you), walking along the beach? Well this is because you are really not there, but if you imagine yourself being there, pretty soon you will feel the waves of cool water roll over your feet. You wil feel the sand beneath your toes, and the sun upon your face. You will hear the ocean and perhaps a sea gull. Now feel the breeze tingle against your skin, smell and taste the salt air. Did you know that your brain cannot tell the difference between your imagined journey and what is real? It cannot, if you really get into this ‘fun-er-cise. Oh and by the way, in the picture above, you were putting your best foot forward. And right before that foot, you were putting your other best foot forward. This is called walking. Think about it, walking is really falling, but right before you fall you catch yourself by putting your other best foot forward.

   My point in all of the above are several. We all fall because we are not perfect. But as long as we are walking physically, mentally and emotionally, we are in the pursuit of perfection. Putting your best foot forward is to dream and imagine yourself becoming all that you need and all that is needed. Sometimes we lead with our strong foot and at other times with our other. The need, the circumstance, the unique situation and the desire will determine which is our best foot, to put forward. Just like walking, putting our best foot forward is a balance. Getting better every day in every way is, putting your best foot forward. See you on the beach.


Just Imagine,


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