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 by Dahni

   Since in this political year, everyone seems to be talking about or campaigning on ‘change,’ I thought I might as well address this issue with this blog as well. I do believe it’s time for change!

   Previously with this blog, I have tried to be informative and entertaining if possible. My express intention has NOT been to be a sounding board for whatever grabs me at the moment, but to grab you the reader. I have wanted this blog to be for you, something which might make a difference for even a moment in your life.

   If you have been here before; read any of my previous posts and have experienced my style and content, you would rightfully deduce that my posts are mostly all editorial in nature and content. This has been with purpose to express my views and opinions, rather than to be a documented source of information. There is a reason for this as well.

   Once I was a member of the press and more specifically, an investigative reporter. I also once considered getting into law while in school and particularly, constitutional law. I mention these two things not to impress, but to explain that by training and natural ability, my deductive reasoning and the ability to conduct unbiased and thorough research are well developed. Conducting proper research, the documentation of sources and journalism (investigative journalism), used to really mean something to me and to many others. They are apparently not the same anymore. The media in general, are perhaps at their lowest approval rating, ever. People for the most part, do not trust the media. But there was a time when this was different.

   Having grown up in Columbia, Missouri, I learned a lot of my skills from associations with writers, editors, reporters and journalists in that area. The School of Journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia used to be recognized as one of, if not the best schools in the country for journalism. Walter Cronkite received an honorary doctorate from the U of M at Kansas City, MO in 1970. Speaking of Walter Cronkite, I personally have lost a lot of respect for journalism after he left the air in 1980. His famous closing line, “And that’s the way it is,” epitomized what journalism was all about. It was like another famous phrase, “just the facts…’ – Dragnet, Sergeant Joe Friday

   Today, for the most part, journalism is about entertainment, ratings and profit. Public TV was supposed to be the last beacon of truth, but has not lived up to its intent.

   For me, this whole topic can be summarized from a certain advertisement currently seen on television for Direct TV. The scene is a boardroom of a competitor. The chairman asks about how they can get more customers. One guy says in sum and substance, ‘Ninety percent of all information can be made to say whatever you want, 50% of the time.’ That’s it in a nutshell for me. Even the Internet is a glut of information, but it is next to impossible to check your sources. The popular sites of and make you wonder, who is checking them for accuracy???

   Well, I know how to do research, but it has now become so time consuming. It may take 20 minutes to write a post, but hours to verify or check the facts. Even then, I wonder if my research was faulty, are the facts inaccurate and was the time well spent? So I don’t do that anymore. If I gave links or sources it was more for others to do their own research, rather than to document my information. Yep, so what you have seen or what you see here is what you get. It’s all pure, unadulterated; undiluted Dahni. So what has this to do with change? What’s the change?

   As this post began with the idea of politics, politicians, and campaigns running on ‘change,’ I’m going to get my digs in here. It’s my blog, why not? Without saying which candidate I am for (I really can’t answer that anyway), and it’s a personal matter I’ll say this. In my line of business I have to appeal to as many people as possible. I learned this from Tiger Woods, you don’t see him campaigning for any candidate or endorsing one either.

   The truth is, not a single person presently running for president and all those ‘have run,’ neither inspire me or give me any confidence, in how they would run this country if elected in November!  I do not even want to choose the lesser of evils. The question really comes down to this, which one will take less out of our pockets? I can’t even honestly answer that question for myself. Intellect and eloquence, how many people are attracted to a campaign or how much money it raises does not impress me in the least. Experience or the lack of experience does not necessarily factor in either.

   The word ‘change’ is thrown around and passed out like candy or cookies. Big deal, eloquence without substance is the promise of a cookie that may not exist and may never exist. The only thing I am sure of is that all of them and any of them running for my vote in November, will be taking more of my money and yours too. Promises without substance are like the promise of 100 cookies, having only 9, but there are a 1,000 that want one. There may not be enough cookies to go around.

   I’m not sure, but I might write in John Wayne on my ballot in November.

   Well finally, what am I going to do now? I’m not going to just talk about change, I ‘m going to give you something you can sink your teeth into. Yes, that’s right, starting with tomorrow’s post I am going to pass out cookies. No, the cookies are not the kind that plants something on your computer to watch what you are doing online and that you have to clean out on a regular basis. They will not be actual cookies. And they will not just be talking about ‘change.’ What they will be are, things you can actually do that will change your life. We’ll see how it goes and how long my cookies will last. Maybe you will come to know me as, Dahni the Cookie Man?

   Now I might throw in some fluff pieces once in awhile, some motivational stuff on occasion and maybe some of my original art/phtos/poetry puff from time to time, but for the most part, there will be cookies here, just for you.

   I may not be able to change the price of gas at the pumps, but just as a hint, tomorrow’s cookie will be HOW you can save money on gas. And saving money, you know what that means right? Right, it means you will have more money to spend on other cookies!  🙂





Just Imagine,


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